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Can an inverter AC run on the inverter?

Updated: May 23

Being an Electrical engineer lots of people ask me to consult them. And lots of people ask me like.

But before giving them the most suitable answer I like to update them with some basic information about inverters and inverter AC.

Here is one short note on the inverter.

The term inverter in an “inverter AC” doesn’t relate to the inverter that we use in our home. Moreover, an inverter is a device that converts DC power [stored in batteries] into AC power. Here, the home inverter converts the DC power stored in batteries into AC power, whereas the DC input of the inverter AC converter is from the rectified AC.

The difference between an inverter AC and a normal non-inverter AC is that. In standard non-inverter AC, the compressor run at a constant speed whereas in an inverter AC. The inverter changes the speed of the compressor to control the speed of gas flow.

The compressor of the non-inverter AC needs frequently ON and OFF as per the room temperature, on the hand compressor of the inverter AC keep running all the time and its speed is controlled to adjust as per room temperature.

An inverter AC is costlier than a standard non-inverter but it can save about 35% of power consumption over a standard one.

To understand the fundamental difference between an Inverter and Normal AC, I highly recomend to read this blog "Inverter AC Vs Normal AC"