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Can an inverter AC run on the inverter?

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Being an Electrical engineer lots of people ask me to consult them. And lots of people ask me like.

But before giving them the most suitable answer I like to update them with some basic information about inverters and inverter AC.

Here is one short note on the inverter.

The term inverter in an “inverter AC” doesn’t relate to the inverter that we use in our home. Moreover, an inverter is a device that converts DC power [stored in batteries] into AC power. Here, the home inverter converts the DC power stored in batteries into AC power, whereas the DC input of the inverter AC converter is from the rectified AC.

The difference between an inverter AC and a normal non-inverter AC is that. In standard non-inverter AC, the compressor run at a constant speed whereas in an inverter AC. The inverter changes the compressor's speed to control the gas flow speed.

The compressor of the non-inverter AC frequently needs ON and OFF as per the room temperature, on the hand compressor of the inverter AC keeps running all the time and its speed is controlled to adjust as per room temperature.

An inverter AC is costlier than a standard non-inverter but it can save about 35% of power consumption over a standard one.

To understand the fundamental difference between an Inverter and Normal AC, I highly recomend to read this blog "Inverter AC Vs Normal AC"

Can an inverter AC run on a home inverter?

Yes, you can run AC on a home inverter during power cuts, both inverter AC and normal non-inverter AC can run on a Home inverter. Moreover, the size of the home inverter should be big enough to take the starting jerk load of AC. Now, normal AC has a 1.25% higher jerk load than Inverter AC, hence you will need a higher size of inverter for Normal AC as compared to Inverter AC.

In addition, it is advisable to run AC at 23-24 degree Celsius, while running on the home inverter, to keep its power consumption lower, so that you can get a longer backup time.

To run a 1.5-ton Inverter AC along with other home appliances, you will need at least 4kVA of Inverter with a battery backup of 400Ah. So that you can have a minimum of 1 hour of backup. Luminous 4kVA Cruze is the perfect home inverter to power your light and heavy power home appliances. It has It supports FLAT, Tubular, and Gel batteries. It also has fast switching rate than a normal inverter, hence you can also use it to power your desktop.

However, it has 48V electronics hence you will require at least 4 numbers of 12V batteries of any capacity to connect with it. Some of the preferable batteries are mentioned below.

100Ah - Luminous LPTT12100H >> Check Price on AMAZON <<

120Ah - Luminous RC 15000 >> Check Price on AMAZON <<

150Ah - Luminous RC 18000 >> Check Price on AMAZON <<

200Ah - Luminous RC 25000 >> Check Price on AMAZON <<

You can also run non-inverter AC on Luminous 4kVA Cruze. However, you need to shut off all other appliances [except some lights] before starting AC and need to monitor the load on the Inverter during switching on appliances.


Here are tips to lower the power consumption of an inverter AC.

Run Inverter AC at Ideal temperature: Every one-degree increase in the air-conditioner temperature setting results in a saving of 6 percent of electricity consumed. 24 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature, at which your AC will consume less power and you will feel comfortable.

Check and Fix leaks: The gaps around the windows and doors lead to AC loss. You can use a candle to look for drafts. If the flame flickers or dances finds a place to seal.

Check the Freon level of AC every 6 months: Have your air conditioning unit checked every 6 months. If the Freon level is not correct, you will waste a lot of energy and your home will never be as cool as you want it.

Keep Condenser Cool: Ensure that the condenser of the unit must have enough space around it for air to circulate and help the refrigerant dissipate its heat easily.

Choose External blinds over internal blinds: Choose External blinds over internal blinds to reduce heat ingress through glass by up to 80%

Avoid installing AC on West and South Walls: Do not install AC units on the west and south walls as these are exposed to direct sunlight through a major part of the day during summer. Sunrise from the east and dawn in the west but for most of the time (during summer) it stays in the south and south-west direction.

Does Inverter AC run on DC current? Does the inverter AC have a battery?

Inverter AC runs on AC current, not on DC current, and it doesn’t have any battery in it or with it. Here, the term “inverter” make confusing for some people. Because the device inverter is used to convert DC power stored in batteries to AC. Whereas in inverter AC, inverter technology is used to convert fixed-frequency AC power into variable-frequency AC power. By changing the frequency, it controls the speed of the compressor motor.

Can inverter AC run without electricity?

No, it’s not possible to run an inverter AC without electricity. The word “inverter” confuses lots of people. Some think that ‘inverter’ means AC is capable to run electricity. In fact, inverter board in inverter AC is used to control the speed of the compressor motor. It’s not like converting DC power to AC power.



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