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  • Yakub Ansari

5 Proven ways to generate free solar leads

Updated: May 26

Just like any other industry, generating solar leads in current competition is getting harder day by day. But some tactics will help you to generate your own solar leads free of cost as long as you have your own company website and some free time.

In this blog, I will give 5 proven ways to generate free solar leads.

  1. Door to Door Marketing

  2. Local SEO

  3. Content Writing

  4. Lead Magnets

  5. Cold Mails

1. Door to Door Marketing for Solar

Door-to-door marketing seems old-fashioned, but it is still working and free, as long as you are doing it yourself.

Door-to-door sales of solar power plants are very popular and effective in my cities worldwide.

However, selling door to door isn’t that much easy for the first-timer, it takes time to overcome all the hesitation and fear of being misunderstood. But once you perfect your sales pitch, you will get a better result.

there are lots of benefits of the door to door marketing,

  1. It increases your brand awareness: as you meet more people face to face more will remember you and your brand.

  2. You can conduct a market survey during your door to door marketing which will further help in your marketing strategies.