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Off Grid Solar Power Plant Without Battery

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Do you wants to go solar, but grid power isn't available to your place. Than off-grid solar power plant is the most solution for you. What will happen batteries are out of the equation too?

In blog, I will guide you, how you can go off-grid solar with battery back up.

Off grid solar without battery

lets began with some F&Q relative to off gird solar power plant.

Off Grid Solar power plant without Battery

Staying off gird means you cant have your own on-grid (also called gird tie) solar power plant. And if batteries are also out of equation than with the on-grid solar inverter, Zero Export device and any source of power like generator, you can go off-gird solar without battery. This type of solar and generator dual will also the reduce day time fuel consumption of your existing (or new) generator.

Can off grid solar system work without batteries?

The answer is no, off grid solar power plant require batteries to store electricity. If the grid power isn't available and batteries are out of equation too. Than you will need a grid-tie (on-grid) solar inverter, a diesel generator (for reference voltage to grid tie solar inverter) and a Zero export Device.

Diesel generator (or any other type of electrical power generator) will provide reference voltage to On-gird solar power plant. And Zero export device will limits the power generation out of grid tie solar inverter as per the load requirement also Zero Export device will make sure that generator set is 30% loaded.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about how zero export device make it possible to go off-grid solar even without batteries.

Off Grid inverter without batteries

The purpose of off grid inverter is to charge batteries. In other words it generator DC output voltage which can be used to charge batteries. If chemical batteries are not your options than you can go with some other mode of storing electrical power, like gravity battery. There other alternatives of chemical battery too.


Now lets have some in depth information how off-gird solar power plant without