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Zero Export + DG Synchronizer

One single ZED Advance can work both like Zero Export Device as well as DG Synchronizer.  That's mean it can stop any power export to GRID and save DG Set from reverse power feed from PV plant. Check the function description of ZED Advance as Zero Export and as DG Synchronizer.


For Power monitoring and terminating any power export (or reverse) to Grid and DG STE, ZED advance required two sets of Current transformer along with 10 core, 1.5 Sqmm Cable, on the incomer of both Grid power and DG STE for the load the measurement as shown in illustration. During commissioning of the ZED we set the sharing point of load on DG SET at 30% of DG capacity and 0% at Grid, to keep DG SET minimum 30% loaded. And compares these measurements with the adjustable set point of the controller. When Grid power is available ZED advance work as Zero Export Device and when Grid power is not available,  ZED advance work as DG synchronizer.

Before Power Cut
SQ ZED-min.gif
00:00 / 00:31
After Power Cut
SQ DGSET-min.gif
00:00 / 00:35
DG SYN Button.png

How to Sync DG Set with PV Plat?



If you have any other brands, just write to us and we will update our software as per your requirement
  • Is ZED Advance compatible with GROWATT make inverter
    Yes, our ZED Advance is compatible with every model and size of SUNGROW make PV inverters
  • Do I need two ZED Advance for Zero Export and DG Sync with PV plant
    No, ZED Advance can work both as Zero Export and DG Syn controller. One controller can eliminate any surplus power generation during Grid power available and can save DG Set from back feeding during power cuts
  • Do I need two ZED Advance for two different makes of inverters on a same PV plant?
    No, one ZED Advance can control multiple make of inverters on a same PV plant.
  • Can ZED Advance monitor DG SET or GIRD, whenPV plant is shutdown (due to weather or for maintance)"
    Yes it can monitor both DG SET and GIRD, even if the PV plant is completley shutdonw.
  • Can we connect ZED Advance on HT panel side?
    Yes, we can install ZED Advance on HT Side too
  • Can ZED Advance communicate with weather sensors?
    Yes, ZED Advacen can conmmunicate wtih weather sensors too.
  • Do I need clearance from local grid authorities for the installation PV Plant with Zero Export Device?
    No, You dont need any clearance from any authorities for the installation PV Plant with Zero Export Device.
  • I can run a 1MW of PV plant with 100kVA of DG Set?
    Yes, you can. With our zero export device you can install any size of PV plant with minium size of DG set requried at site.
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