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Solar Energy

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Welcome to Payperwatt.
Write for us: Solar Energy Guest Posting Opportunities.

We accept guest posts on the following topics:

  • Solar energy [ Solar panels, DIY, off-grid PV plant, solar heating etc.]

  • Portable solar generators [power source].

  • Off-grid living

  • Renewable energy.

  • Solar marketing [tips & tricks, digital marketing, D2D marketing tips etc.]

  • Battery [solar battery, lead-acid battery, lithium battery etc.]

  • Power saving tips

Please read the below instructions carefully before submitting your guest post.

  • Blog must be on one of the above-mentioned topics only. 

  • Your post must be original [plagiarism free] and has not been published on other websites.

  • Minimum 1000 words per post.

  • Post must not be like a press release. 

  • A maximum of one (1) backlink to your website will be given. However, backlinks to our resource website are allowed.

  • We will not publish spammy article submissions from people just looking for quick links.

  • We no longer accept articles from writers without blogs of their own.

  • The article should not directly promote any kind of service or product and/or review of the same. However, we can collaborate on the sponsored blog. 

  • Zero grammar and spelling mistakes.

  • We don’t sell backlinks.


Benefits of writing to us:

  • We have more than 1200 mail subscribers.

  • Brand Promotions. 

  • Increase your web presence with backlinks.

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