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Export Limiter | How it works

Since California’s duck cure incident export limiter becomes a top topic in the power generation and distribution industry. This creates an increase in demand for export limiters around the world as more and more utility companies and state electricity boards restricting the amount of power exported in the grid.

In this blog, I will give a brief description about export limiters and how it works. I have installed more than 200 export limiters in solar power plants and successfully synchronize more than 100 generators with solar power plants with export limiters.

Content Table

What is an export limiting device?

What is an export control device in solar?

What is a grid-tied inverter with a limiter?

How does an export limiter work?

Best grid-tied inverter with limiter

What is an export limiting device?

In many countries, state electricity companies have limits on the power exported to the grid from a small grid-tied power plant. In these countries, export limiting devices are used to limit the amount of power exported from a small power generation plant to the grid coupled with the plant.

Exporting electricity power from grid-tied small power plants to the grid, affect the stability of the grid. Because these small power plants are not very stable and didn’t produce power at constant magnitude throughout the days. And this leads to change in load on gird power plants.