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8 inverter batteries to SUPERCHARGE your home in 2022

Updated: 7 days ago

Batteries are available in different capacities and can be produced by different technologies. A 150Ah, 100Ah and 200Ah rated inverter batteries are the most common size of battery available in the market. They are available in tall-tubular, tubular [also known as short tubular], Flat plate and Gel.

All different types of batteries have different prices and properties too. Some batteries are costlier than others due to the technology used to produce them. And the use of different technologies to produce these batteries makes them suitable for different applications and different environmental conditions.

Learn more about 100Ah Vs 200Ah Vs 150Ah.

In this blog, I cover 4 types of lead-acid batteries that are easily available in the market.

These are

Flat Plate battery: Flat plates are one of the most common types of batteries used in home inverters. These are also some of the cheapest ones. The Lead plate uses in these batteries are Flat in construction but the dimension of them is almost identical to short tubular batteries.

The only way to differentiate Flat plate from short tubular is to check the details marked on their sticker. If you can find a named tubular on it then assume it is a Flat plate.

Tubular [short tubular] battery: The plate electrodes of the tubular battery use a frame structure and are in tubular form. They are higher reliable than Flat Plate and have both good thermal and electrical properties.

Their life span is higher than flat plate and they have a higher charge cycle [one charge cycle = 80% discharge than fully charged] as compared to flat plate batteries.

Tall-Tubular battery: The plate electrodes of tall-tubular are also in tube form but they are big in size and can be easily identified. It has 30 to 35% more Acid volume per Ampere hour as compared to a tubular battery. It can withstand overcharge better than other batteries.

Their life span, charge cycle, thermal and electrical properties all are better than Tubular batteries [and Flate plate batteries].

Gel battery: Gel battery is not very common in India, but they have some technological advantages over other types of lead-acid batteries. The basic internal construction of a Gel battery is similar to that of the flooded battery.

Tall-Tubular, Short Tubular and Flat Plate all are also called flooded or wet battery because their electrolyte is in liquid form

Whereas the electrolyte of the Gel battery is in Gel form. They are resistant to spills and leakage, they can also be shipped by air and you can mount them upside down or on the side.