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Solis Zero export device | Solis export limiter

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Solis Grid Tie PV Inverters

Soils are one of the top manufacturers of grid-tied solar inverters (also known as string inverters), it is a china based company, founded in 2005.

Ginlong Technologies Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes solar inverters. The Company produces single-phase inverters, three-phase inverters, utility-scale inverters, energy storage inverters, and other related products. Ginlong Technologies markets its products throughout China.

Single-phase inverters:

Solis Single phase inverters have two ranges: Solis-Mini(1000-3000)-4G, which compile 1kW, 1.5kW, 2kW, 2.5kW and 3kW single phase solar inverters.

And the second is Solis-1P(4-5)K-4G, which compile 4kW and 5kW single phase solar inverters.

Three Phase inverters:

Solis three-phase solar inverters have six ranges as mentioned below.

  • Solis-3P(5-20)K-4G series of solar inverters compile 5kW to 20kW of rating.

  • Solis-(25-50)K-5Gseries of solar inverters compile 25kW to 50kW of rating.

  • Solis-(50-60)K series of solar inverters compile 50kW and 60kW of rating.

  • Solis-80K-5G series of solar inverters compile only an 80kW rating

  • Solis-(100-110)K-5G series of solar inverters compile 100kW and 110kW of rating

  • Solis-125K-EHV-5G series of solar inverters compile only a 125kW rating

  • Solis-(215-255)K-EHV-5G series of solar inverters compile 215kW and 255kW of rating

Solis Zero Export Device

Solis’s string inverters produce excess electrical energy when the load is less than the power generation of the solar power plant. To stop the generation of this excess power Solis makes string inverters that required