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7 Most POWERFUL Solar Generators for Your House | Buying guide

Updated: Feb 23

Solar generators are portable off-grid solar power plants with inbuilt batteries and you can charge them with AC power, PV panels and even with a car charging port. These portable powerhouses are rated between 200 watts to 3,000 watts. These solar generators are very convenient and effortless to set up.

However, to run the whole house on a solar generator you need to select the right size with the battery capacity big enough so that you can run your appliances for desirable backup time. So, what size of solar generator do you need to run your house? Here is an explanation.

As per EIA in 2020, the average power consumption of a residential utility customer in the US is 900kWh per month. Accordingly, for a day the average power consumption of a residential customer is 30kWh. Likewise for per hour, the same will be roughly 1.25 kWh. Furthermore,1.25 kWh is equal to running a 1.25 kW load for one hour.

Therefore, this implies that the minimum rating of a solar generator needed to run a house should be 2,000 kW with a battery backup of at least 2,000 Wh.

To run a house should be 2,000 kW with a battery backup of at least 2,000 Wh.

Can a solar generator power a house?

A large size solar generator that has an inverter rating of 2000 watts or above and a battery backup of sizes 2,000Wh to 10,000Wh can power a whole house for 2 to 8 hours. However, the backup time can be increased by reducing the house load.

The backup time of a solar generator is also dependent upon its MPPT range also known as PV input rating. To keep the price low and profit high some solar generators manufacturer reduces the electronics of MPPT and this affects the backup time of solar generator.

Moreover, a solar generator with a higher PV input rating can last longer because it can connect with more numbers of solar panels as compared to the solar generator with a lower PV input rating.

Cost of solar generator for a house?

The cost of a solar generator for a house battery capacity of 2,000 Wh to 5,000 Wh without solar panels varies from $2,100 to $5,400. Moreover with portable solar panels, the same will cost you from $4,200 to $7,200 and with conventional solar panels, the same will cost you between $3,300 to $6,600.

The price of a portable solar panel is 1.8 times higher than a conventional one. Thus, we prefer conventional solar panels where the usage of the solar generator is for home backup and off-grid living.

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