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Best Solar Generators for Your House [Mar 2024] | Buying guide

Updated: Apr 7

Solar generators range in size from 200 watts to 7600 watts; however, to power your entire home with a solar generator, you will need at least 2000 watts.  Before jumping into our list of best solar generators to power the whole house, here are some key features of solar generators. 


  • Solar generators can be used indoors because they produce no harmful gasses.

  • Most of the solar generators can be charged with an AC wall socket, Car DC port, other batteries, solar panels, and Gas generators.

  • Solar generators can be used while charging.

  • You can use both portable as well as conventional solar panels with solar generators. However portable solar panels are not rainproof (only splashproof) and cannot withstand heavy wind. Moreover, conventional panels require structure, which increases the total cost of the plant.

  • Most solar generators have dual charging options. You can charge them with solar panels + AC wall socket/Gas generator simultaneously.

  • You can't take solar generators on flight Learn more.

  • You can get up to 30% federal Tax credit on the purchase of a solar generator. >>Learn more about the benefits of Investing in Solar generators for House use.

We studied more than 100 solar generators from 10 different brands and to make it easier for you to choose a solar generator, we've divided our list into three categories so you may pick what you need and skip the rest.


Best Solar generators for running a whole house. 

Best solar generator for switching to off-grid: With these solar generators, you can cut your home from grid power and switch to off-grid living. >> Jump to List <<

Best Solar Generator for short power outages: These solar generators are small, easy to move, and can power your whole house as well as your campaign trip. >> Jump to List <<

Best Solar Generator for Longer Power Outages: These solar generators are mid-size and suitable for longer power outages. >> Jump to List <<



Best solar generator for switching to off-grid

Do you want to get rid of grid power and run your whole house off-grid with a solar generator? Then these solar generators are best in class for you. These solar generators have the highest solar input capacity and can store power enough to run your whole house at night. 

1.Bluetti EP800: Bluetti EP800 is the highest-rated solar generator (7.6KW), which can generate 405kWh to 1,215kWh per month (from solar) and can store upto 19kWh of power. 

2. EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra: Highest expandable capacity | Solar from 5.6 to 16.8 kW | Battery 6kWh to 90 kWh 


1. Bluetti EP800 

Bluetti EP800 is the highest-rated solar generator as of 2024. Its backup capacity can be extended up to 19,800 Wh. It can power both 120V and 240V appliances. 

  • It comes with two loose LPF batteries of capacity 4,960 Wh each and by stacking 4 expansion batteries (4,960Wh each) on the bottom, you can tailor a capacity of 9.9kWh to 19.8kWh according to your needs.

  • Both 120 and 240V output voltage, hence you don't need to combine two solar generators for 240V. 

  • 9,000 watts of solar input, which can produce 40,500 Wh per day (1,215 kWh per month), and that much of power is enough to power your whole house, plus charging batteries of EP800 for night uses. 

  • It has two MPPT channels, by which you can either connect it to 3kW or 6kW of solar panels. Moreover, you can combine both strings to connect it with 9kW of solar panels. 

  • 10 years of warranty.

  • Output power: 7,600 Watt 

Price: with 9,900 Wh of backup capacity, it will cost you $8,999 moreover the potential federal tax credit for the same will be $6,299.3. 


2. EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra

EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra is the latest addition from EcoFlow and it has the highest expandable capacity. Its inverter and solar capacity can be extended up to 3 times with three EcoFlow Delta Pro and its backup capacity can be extended up to 15 times. However, to connect two or three EcoFlow Delta Pro, you will require its Smart home panel. 

  • Its output capacity can be extended from 7.2kW to  21.6kW.

  • Its LPF battery capacity can be expanded from 6kWh to 90kWh.

  • Its solar capacity can be extended from 5.6kW to 16.8kW.

  • It comes with 5 years of warranty

  • It has a total of 6 AC outlets, which contain both 120V and 240V


1x Delta Pro

2x Delta Pro

3 x Delta Pro


7.2 kW

14.4 kW

21.6 kW


6 kWh to 30kWh

12kWh to 60 kWh

18kWh to 90kWh

Solar Input

5.6 kW

11.2 kW

16.8 kW

Power generation from solar 

19.6kWh- 25.2kWh

39.2 kWh- 50.4 kWh

58.8 kWh- 75.6kWh

Price: One EcoFlow Delta Pro will cost you $5,799 and each additional battery will cost you $2,799. Its smart home panel will cost you $1,599.



Best Solar Generator for short power outages

This category of solar generators is mid-size and can power your home appliance for 2 to 4 hours with a single battery and up to 24 hours with additional batteries. However, their solar input capacity is low and can produce 3.6kWh to 6.3Kwh daily. 

1. Bluetti AC200L: Best solar generator under $1,700 | Battery 2,048 Wh to 8,192Wh | Solar Input 1200 Watt.

2. Jackery 1000 Plus: Best 2,000-watt solar generator | Battery 1,265 Wh to 5,000 Wh | Solar Input 800 Watt.

3. Anker Power House: 2,400-watt solar generator with 1,000-watt solar input | Battery 2,048 Wh to 4,096 Wh.

4. Eco Delta Max: 2,400-watt solar generator with 800-watt solar input | Battery 2,016 Wh to 6,048 Wh.


1. Bluetti AC200L

Launched in large 2023, AC200L is another all-purpose, 2,400-watt solar generator by Bluetti. It is an updated version of Bluetti AC200MAx. It has a powerlifting mode, which makes it able to draw continuous 3,600 watts of power. 

  • LPF battery of capacity 2,048 Wh which can be extended up to 8,192 Wh.

  • 0-80% Recharging in 45Mins with 2,400W AC Input

  • 1,200W Max. Solar Input, which can produce 5,400 Wh of power from sunlight.

  • Surge power of 7,200 watts.

  • 5 Years of warranty. 

Price: It will cost you $1,699, and for every extra battery you have to pay $800 to $1,300, depending on the battery size.


2. Jackery 1000 Plus

Jackery 1000 Plus, is a 2,000-watt solar generator with battery expandability up to 5,000 Wh. Weighing 14.5 kg (32 lbs), it is a lightweight heavy-duty machine, suitable for home backup and outdoor activities. 

  • 1,265 Wh inbuilt LPF battery, which can be extended up to 5,000 Wh with three additional batteries.

  • Eight output ports, which include 3x15A AC ports.

  • 3+2 years of warranty.

  • 800-watt maximum solar input capacity allows it to produce 3,600 watt-hours per day from the sun.

  • Whisper-quiet machine:- It produces less than 35 dB of noise ( whispering is about 30dB ). 

Price: It will cost you $1,199, and you have to pay an additional $800 for every extra battery (1,265Wh).


3. Anker PowerHouse 767 (Fastest Charging Under $2,000) 

Under the budget of $2,000 then Anker Powerhouse 767 has the highest AC input capacity with a 1,000-watt solar input capacity, which makes it the fastest-charging solar generator under $2,000.

Moreover, compared with the Bluetti AC200 or AC300, the Anker Powerhouse 767’s durable and portable suitcase design makes it better in mobility than both. It also has, a TT-30R outlet for your RV however, you can only draw a maximum of 20A power from its 2,400-watt inverter.

It comes with a 2,048Wh LifeP04 battery, which can be doubled with an additional battery. You can charge its single battery within 2.5 hours with 1,000-watt solar panels (which is its maximum capacity of solar input) so if you have two batteries then you can fully charge them in 5 hours of sunshine, this means you won’t need to worry about running out power, because you can charge your solar generator while using them.

With its 12 numbers of ports and overload capacity of 3600 watts, you can run multiple appliances on it simultaneously. While charging it with solar.

It also has UPS mode (with 20ms switching time), which means you can connect it to your home emergency power supply line and it will keep your lights and critical appliances like your PC running without any shutdown. Now you do not need to buy one home inverter for a power outage and one gas generator for an RV or campaigning trip.


4. EcoFlow DELTA Max

At first glance, EcoFlow Delta Max looks like its Pro version, however, it comes with a battery backup of 2,016 Wh and has an inverter capacity of 2,400W. You can expand its backup capacity up to 6,048 Wh with two detachable Delta Max smart batteries.

It has an AC input capacity of 1,800 Watts and a PV input capacity of 8,00 Watts which is higher than its close competitor AC200 Max. However, its Lithium-Ion NCM battery makes it fall below AC200Max.


​2,016 Wh Li-ion NMC

Battery Expandability:

​Up to 6,048 Wh

Inverter Rating

2,400 W

Surge Rating

5,000 W

​AC Input Rating:

1,800 W AC

PV Input Rating

​800 W