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AGM Vs Gel Battery Vs Flooded [Wet/Standard]

Updated: Feb 19

The most common type of Lead-acid batteries available is the Flooded [also known as wet type] type and Sealed type. Sealed type batteries are also known as Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries. And both AGM and Gel batteries are types of VRLA [Sealed] batteries.

Rechargeable Batteries family chart

Lead Acid batteries are part of the rechargeable batteries family.

Flooded batteries also known as Wet Batteries are the most common ones, available in the whole world. Lead batteries are widely used for Home UPS batteries and Car Batteries. And they can also be classified on the basis of their application. For Example, Home UPS batteries are deep cycle and Car batteries are dual-purpose [Learn more about USP Battery Vs Car Battery]

What is a Flooded (Wet) Battery?

The flooded lead-acid (FLA) battery, invented in 1859, was the first rechargeable battery. After decades of refinement, it remains the primary choice for many applications. The battery plates are immersed in an electrolyte of dilute sulfuric acid, and removable caps in the lid allow the replacement of lost water.

Flooded Batteries can be easily identified by the float indicators or small yellow plugs

FLA batteries are cost-effective, rugged, and provide reliable performance when properly maintained. Because FLA batteries are not sealed, they must be kept in the proper orientation (upright) to avoid the spilling of electrolytes.

Due to the risk of spills, they cannot be shipped by air. During the charging process, FLA batteries consume water and release hydrogen gas, which must be properly vented to avoid potential fire hazards.

The water consumed during charging must periodically be replaced at a frequency that varies with the user profile. Although the introduction of single-point watering systems has reduced the overall effort to water FLA batteries, this periodic requirement means that these batteries are appropriate only in situations where regular maintenance can be assured.

With proper maintenance and charging, flooded batteries can provide years of reliable service in many applications. [Learn more about Flooded batteries...]

What is an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Battery?

The AGM battery is a sealed battery that fits into the category of Valve- Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries. These batteries are designed so that hydrogen and oxygen are recombined within the battery, rather than being vented. A built-in valve will release excess gas in case of a severe overcharge.