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Remote Monitoring System

ZED advance has inbuild RMS [data logger] which helps the Engineering personnel to monitor the performance of the solar power plant in conjunction with the Grid performance and also if required with the DG set.
Most of the built-in Monitoring systems supplied by the inverter manufacturers, are stand- alone systems providing the performance data of the inverter or solar power plant.
Our ZED Advance has been designed and developed keeping the Power engineer in mind and to meet his requirements of data like:

  1. Solar Plant: active generation, cumulative generation of the day, month, year and life-time generation.

  2. Grid performance: active consumption, cumulative consumption of the day, month and year.  (Import and Export data is separately provided)

  3. DG set: active consumption, cumulative consumption of the day, month and year. The system also provides the number of hours the DG set was operated in the day, month.

  4. Weather Sensors: like Pyranometers, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, wind speed and direction sensor, rain fall sensor, UV index and solar radiation simultaneously. All the data can be centralized, organized and display at our web portal through LAN network.

  5. HT/LT Switchgear: active consumption, cumulative consumption of the day, month and year. Power factor, system voltage, current, current unbalance, voltage unbalance etc.

multiple inverters.png

ZED advance can control and communicate with multiple inverters of same or different makes. ZED advance required LAN cable (CAT6) to communicate with inverters as shown in illustration.

DG SYN Button.png

How to Sync DG Set with PV Plat?


If you have any other brands, just write to us and we will update our software as per your requirement
  • Is ZED Advance compatible with GROWATT make inverter
    Yes, our ZED Advance is compatible with every model and size of SUNGROW make PV inverters
  • Do I need two ZED Advance for Zero Export and DG Sync with PV plant
    No, ZED Advance can work both as Zero Export and DG Syn controller. One controller can eliminate any surplus power generation during Grid power available and can save DG Set from back feeding during power cuts
  • Do I need two ZED Advance for two different makes of inverters on a same PV plant?
    No, one ZED Advance can control multiple make of inverters on a same PV plant.
  • Can ZED Advance monitor DG SET or GIRD, whenPV plant is shutdown (due to weather or for maintance)"
    Yes it can monitor both DG SET and GIRD, even if the PV plant is completley shutdonw.
  • Can we connect ZED Advance on HT panel side?
    Yes, we can install ZED Advance on HT Side too
  • Can ZED Advance communicate with weather sensors?
    Yes, ZED Advacen can conmmunicate wtih weather sensors too.
  • Do I need clearance from local grid a