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Reviewing Growatt’s Infinity 1500 Portable Power Station (game changer)

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

A 1500 watt Portable power station is all I need for my campaigning trip and home power backup. I knew all my needs and how my appliance works, and now I need a solar power generator A.K.A portable power station that has the (#1) highest PV input capacity - so that I can have a longer backup time, (#2) higher surge capacity - so that I can run my air conditioner & (#3) at least 10 numbers of outlets for all my necessary appliances.

While spending hours on the internet comparing different brands and ratings of portable power stations, I found some fascinating facts about these power stations. Some brands reduce the size of their PV input capacity to increase their profits and some brands even have a lower capacity converter that directly increases the charging time of these power stations.

Moreover, some of my friends suggest that I should choose between Jackery 1500 or Bluetti 1500. However, there is another brand I know, who is the number one global supplier of residential PV inverters and has more than 11 years of experience in delivering world class solar inverters. And that is GROWATT.

If you don't believe me then click here to read where GROWATT stand in solar inverter market share.

I knew with my 12 years of experience in electrical designing (that also includes 5 years of experience in the solar industry) I can hand-pick the best solar 1500 watt portable power station.

So, after 3 days of discussion with the technical sales team of all three brands and comparing their specifications, I chose Growatt’s Infinity 1500 Portable Power Station. But why do I choose Growatt over Jackery and BLUETTI?

So, here are 7 reasons why I choose Growatt’s Infinity 1500 over Jackery 1500 and Bluetti 1500.

Infinity 1500 Vs Jackery 1500 and Bluetti EB150

#1 Highest Solar input capacity: To keep the profit high, most solar generator manufacturers reduce their PV input capacity, while keeping their AC input capacity higher. However, the purpose of a portable power station is to provide you backup and with higher PV input capacity comes higher power backup time. And the PV input capacity of Infinity 1500 is 800 Watts (100V/12A) which is 2 times higher than Jackery 1500 and BLUETTI 1500. And that means it can charge faster with solar panels and provide longer backup time.

Infinity 1500 PV input capacity = JACKERY 1500 + BLUETTI EB150 PV input capacity.

FYI, the PV input capacity of a solar generator depends upon its MPPT range. And this MPPT range is marked as the voltage range required for the controller to work and the maximum current limits. However, almost all solar generator manufacturers marked it as the maximum PV input capacity in wattage.

Infinity 1500 takes only 2.5 hrs for 0-80% charge with solar which is multiple times faster than both JACKERY1500 and BLUETTI EB150. This feature of infinity 1500 makes it most suitable for longer weekend campaign trips.

#2 Fastest charger: Just PV input capacity, AC input capacity is another feature of a solar generator that needs to be compared with other brands. A lower AC input capacity means longer charging time, however, the AC input capacity of INFINITY 1500 is much higher than JACKERY 1500 and BLUETTI EB150. It takes only 2 hours for 0-100% charge and 0-80% in just 1 hour, which is 3 times faster than JACKERY 1500 and 4 times faster than BLUETTI EB150.

With infinity 1500, I can fully charge it within time before starting my long weekend campaign trip.

#3 Highest Weight to power ratio: Despite the highest rated PV input and AC input capacity, it is easy to carry and very compact for this size battery without external power brick - 16.5kg / 36lbs. And this makes it easy to shift it from home to car and car to campaign location.

#4 Wireless charger: One of the most excellent features available with INFINITY 1500 is the wireless charge on top of it, this feature is only available with a higher range of solar generators. But Growatt gives this feature with their mid-range solar generator. Isn’t it amazing?

#5 Highest number of Outlets: Infinity 1500 comes with 12 Outlets, which is 3 times more than BLUETTI EB150 and 5 more than JACKERY 1500. These 12 outlets can be used at the same time, which includes 4 AC outlets. Whereas Jackery 1500 has 3 AC outlets and Bluetti has only 2 outlets.

So, with Infinity 1500 I get the maximum number of outlets available in 1500 Wh size solar generators. With Infinity 1500 you can sit in your cooler and work on your laptop while listening to songs on your speakers and charging your phone simultaneously.

And simultaneously, you can charge it with solar panels.

#6 Surge Capacity: The Maximum output capacity of Infinity 1500 is 2000 Watts with a surge capacity of 4000, whereas for Jackery the same is 1800 watts with a surge capacity of 3600 watts and for Bluetti EB150 the same is 1000 watts. With Infinity’s 4000 watt surge capacity you can power big things like AC, shop vac, etc. that need surge power.

You can run up to 12K BTU AC with infinity 1500 and simultaneously run your desktop/laptop with it.

#7 Best value to money: With all these features and highlights the price of Infinity is only $12,99. Whereas, Jackery 1500 will cost you $16,99.00 and Bluetti EB150 is currently unavailable.

Also, Growatt has US based customer service, and they already have their footprint in the US on-grid solar industry. Growatt is known for their awesome inverters & now breaking into the portable power station (or solar generator) space.

So, for better value for my money I go with Infinity 1500 and if you also want to buy this amazing product, click here to purchase directly from Grow’s Watt online store.

Other features of INFINITY 1500:

Daisy chain up to three together: For more power backup you can connect up to three Infinity 1500 into a series. Now, if you connect three Infinity 1500 in series, the total backup capacity will be 4500Wh (3x1500Wh). Plus, you can connect 2400 Wp of solar panels with these solar generators.

Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity: You can download its apps from its site to visualize, personal settings and program functionality. You can even schedule it off and on. You and on & off while you are away from home with the help of its mobile application.

Uninterruptible Power supply: I am using infinity 1500 both as UPS as well as power stations for my campaigning trip and You can also use it for your sensitive tech or necessary machinery. During power outages, it will automatically switch on with less than 20ms switching time.

Best for: Campers, Contractors, UPS & home backup, mobile power etc. Best for people who don’t necessarily cycle every day, but need big portable power.



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