Zero Export Device

Payperwatt is one of the major manufacturers of Zero Export Device, we provide Zero export solution for rooftop as well as utility-scale solar power plants. Our device is compatible with most of the grid-tie solar inverters available. 


We provide both supplies as well as the installation and commissioning of Zero Export Device in all major cities. Our team has experience of more than 5 years in installing and commissioning more than 200 Zero Export Device around the world.


Our Plug and play design make it easy for solar EPC companies to install the device on their own. If they require any assistance, we are always available in their service.

What is Zero Export Device (also called solar export limiter)?

Zero Export Device is also known as Solar Export limiter, it limits the power generation of the solar power plant as per the load demand. So that no excess of power can be generated. Which pervert the reverse flow of power from the solar power plant to the reference power source (Grid & generator) 


Our advance design has inbuilt remote monitoring of solar power plant as well as gird and generator.


With Zero Export solar plant owner can go solar without net-metering and they can use their grid-tied solar power plant even during a power outage


With Zero Export Device generator owners can run their generators in synchronization with their grid-ties solar power plant


Zero Export Device is also known as Export limiter or Zero Export Controller or Solar Zero Export Device.

Zero Export


Zero Export means there is no export of power from the solar power plant to the grid. Zero Export device eliminates any surplus power generation from the solar power plant, hence there will be no export of power to the grid.


Zero Export Solar Inverter:


Zero Export solar inverter is the solar inverters which have inbuilt Zero Export device. But most of the solar inverters don’t have zero export facilities. With ZED advance any On-grid solar inverters can be converted into Zero export solar inverter.


Application of Zero Export Device:

Zero Export Device (or controller) has following application

1.      Solar without Net metering (click here to learn more).

2.      Off-Grid without Battery back up (click here to learn more).

3.      DG synchronization with solar power plant (click here to learn more).


Zero Export Device (also called Solar Export Limiter) Price:

Price of Zero Export device varies from 8,000 Rs (IND) to 1,50,000  Rs (IND)  in India and abroad, as per the plant size. Zero Export device [ZED Advance] prices are same for different makes of solar inverter.

Price of luminous zero export devices will be same as of SMA Zero Export Device or for any other make of solar inverter.

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Zero Export device (also called Zero Export Controller or Solar Export Limiter) required Current transformer along with 10 core, 1.5 Sqmm Cable at the incomer from grid for the load the measurement as shown in illustration.  And compares this with the adjustable set point of the controller. When the consumption from GRID is above this set point, the solar energy will be increased, when the consumption is below this set point, the solar energy will be reduced. ZED advance also required LAN cable (cat 6) to communicate with Inverters as well as web portal (for online monitoring).

How does a Zero Export Device (also known as solar export limiter or Zero Export) work?

During commissioning of ZED Advance as Zero Export Device, we set the sharing point at 0%  (or 5 to 10% in care of frequently high load variations). 

Lets take a case when the load is vary and ZED Advance control the output power of Solar (on-grid) Inverter as per the load.


In below case PV plant can produce 100kW of power and the load varies, but ZED control the output power of the Inverter so that there is no surplus power hence the plant can run without net-metering. And you can see how the load is shared between PV plant and Grid

ZED Load varies-min.gif

In below case output power of PV plant varies and you can see how the load is shared between PV plant & Gird.

ZED Solar varies-min.gif


If you have any other brands, just write to us and we will update our software as per your requirement

Frequently asked questions

Is ZED Advance compatible with GROWATT make inverter

Yes, our ZED Advance is compatible with every model and size of SUNGROW make PV inverters

Do I need two ZED Advance for Zero Export and DG Sync with PV plant

No, ZED Advance can work both as Zero Export and DG Syn controller. One controller can eliminate any surplus power generation during Grid power available and can save DG Set from back feeding during power cuts

Do I need two ZED Advance for two different makes of inverters on a same PV plant?

No, one ZED Advance can control multiple make of inverters on a same PV plant.

Can ZED Advance monitor DG SET or GIRD, whenPV plant is shutdown (due to weather or for maintance)

Yes it can monitor both DG SET and GIRD, even if the PV plant is completley shutdonw.

Can we connect ZED Advance on HT panel side?

Yes, we can install ZED Advance on HT Side too

Can ZED Advance communicate with weather sensors?

Yes, ZED Advacen can conmmunicate wtih weather sensors too.

Do I need clearance from local grid authorities for the installation PV Plant with Zero Export Device?

No, You dont need any clearance from any authorities for the installation PV Plant with Zero Export Device.

I can run a 1MW of PV plant with 100kVA of DG Set?

Yes, you can. With our zero export device you can install any size of PV plant with minium size of DG set requried at site.