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Grid tied solar without net metering | Circuit Diagram

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Years after years more and more states are changing their net metering policies. Nowadays (2020) getting net-metering for industrial rooftop solar power plant is not possible in many states of India, even if you have someone in a government office.

And for the residence solar projects, sometimes it takes more than three months to get net-metering done for their plant. And even the charges of Net-metering are very high in some parts of Maharashtra.

In this blog, we cover the complete guide on the use of grid-tied solar power plant without net metering. , we cover the use of a grid-tie inverter off the gird.

Can a grid-tie inverter be used off-grid?

A grid-tie inverter can be used off-grid, with the help of ZED Advance. Grid-tie inverter required reference voltage to generate electricity. The generator set can be used as a reference voltage for a grid-tie inverter to make it [grid tie inverter] work without gird power.

With ZED Advance any make of grid-tie inverter can be used off-gird. Zero Export device can eliminate the requirement of synchronization of grid power with a grid-tie inverter of a grid-tie solar power plant.

ZED Advance is used to protect the generator from solar surplus power. Learn more about how to protect the generator from solar surplus power.