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Best 2000 Watt Solar generator | Buying Guide

Updated: Feb 10

2000 Watt solar generators are the most demanded and searched solar generator, due to their right size for the average power requirement of homes and outdoor activities. However, there are limited options for the 2kW range solar generators available in the market. Furthermore, before making the purchase you need to learn some limitations and features of these devices.

There are different factors that affect the value for money of a device. In the case of solar generators, these factors are

  • Backup Capacity,

  • Type of battery,

  • AC Input Rating,

  • PV Input rating,

  • Numbers of output ports

  • Connectivity and

  • Price per Wh,

Battery Size: The backup time you will get from a solar generator is directly correlated with its battery capacity. However, if you have solar panels too then PV input capacity also determines you long will your solar generator run.

A 2,000 W solar generator has an Inbuilt Battery size of 2,000Wh with an expendable capacity of 6,000Wh to 8,000Wh. However, these expandable batteries need to be brought separately. Furthermore, to power the whole house from a solar generator with a backup time of 1-2 hours the minimum battery needed is 2,00Wh. Learn more about solar for a house.

Maximum two numbers of expandable batteries can be connected with these solar generators and each battery has a capacity of 200 Ah or 300 Ah.

Moreover, the cool thing about these extended batteries is that you can buy more than two extended batteries and keep them spare backup after fully charging. However, don’t forget to check un-used batteries every two months since these batteries have a shelf life of 3-6 months.

Battery Type: Lithium batteries are used in solar generators to make them light in weight. Furthermore, there are two types of lithium batteries used in solar generators, that is LPF and NMC. NCM is one of the newest members of the lithium battery family. However, studies show that its performance is lower than LPF batteries.

LPF batteries have a 3.5 times higher charge cycle than NCM batteries. Here, one charge cycle is equal to the charging of the battery followed by 80% depth of discharge. Furthermore, an LPF battery has a charge cycle of 3500, however, NCM batteries has a charge cycle of 800.