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Tubular battery | What is it?

Updated: 6 days ago

Tubular batteries are new hot cakes due to their enhanced performance and suitability with off-grid solar power plants. Now, since the booming of the solar industry and as the solar industry grows its demand grows too. However, with all the limelight, many peoples are unaware of how it differs from a standard battery because from the point of appearance both look identical.

However, its performance, durability and life expectancy are better than its counterpart standard flat plate battery.

In this blog, I will cover all the FaQs about tubular batteries.

What is a tubular battery?

What is the advantage of tubular batteries?

Is tubular battery AGM or flooded?

Does a tubular battery need distilled water?

Are all tubular batteries deep cycle?

Is tubular battery safe?

Which acid is used in tubular batteries?

What is a tall tubular battery?

What is a tubular battery?

Every battery has two main parts, that is its electrolyte and electrodes, here a battery is called tubular if its negative electrode is of tubular form. However, its positive electrode will remain flat type. Furthermore, the battery with both electrodes of flat plate type will be called a standard flat plate battery.

The tubular electrode design of the battery enhances its performance. Here, tubular electrodes use a frame structure consisting of a series of vertical spines connected to a common bus bar. Each spine is covered by non-conductive tubes filled with a paste of lead oxide active mass.

The below picture shows the design of tubular electrodes.

Also, the flat plate electrode design is shown below.