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The best battery for a solar inverter [buying guide]

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

The purpose is this blog not to sell you something but to increase your knowledge in the field of batteries. So that you can select the right battery for your solar power plant. Since there are lots of misguiding blogs out there with the only purpose of selling you the products, they are affiliated with. We decided to release blogs only on knowledge-based.

An off-grid solar inverter required batteries that can charge fast, can be deep discharged without getting damaged and have a high charge cycle. However, normal standard batteries are not meant for fast charging, deep discharge and have a low-mid charge cycle. Hence, these batteries are not suitable for solar inverters.

Before listing the best batteries for the solar, let understand the requirement of specific properties of the battery, that fits right for your solar power plants.

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First is Fast Charging: You have limited sunshine time to charge your batteries for day and nighttime loads. And charging a normal standard battery at a high current will dramatically increase its body temperature and reduce its life expectancy.

So a battery with better thermal management properties is required for the fast charging solar inverter. The thermal management property of the battery can be increased by:

Increasing electrolyte volume

Re-designing electrodes structure.


Second is Deep discharge: You won’t get 8-9 hours of sunshine time on each day of a year due to bad weather, therefore your batteries for the solar inverter need to deep discharge one or many times in a year without getting damaged. And deep discharging normal standards battery could damage them.

The deep discharge capacity of the battery can be increased by the same methods as mentioned used in increasing thermal management properties, that is.

Increasing electrolyte volume

Re-designing electrodes structure.


And third is the High charge cycle: Discharging and then charging of the battery is equal to one charge cycle of the battery. For an off-grid solar power plant, the battery needs to be discharged and then charge one or two times each day. The number of the charge cycle and depth of discharge affects the life expectancy of a battery.

Hence to get the best value for money, it is recommended to buy a battery with a high charge cycle. The charge cycle of a battery depends upon two things.

Depth of discharge

Thermal management property