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Sungrow Zero export device | Sungrow export limiter | 2021

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Sungrow Grid Tie PV Inverters

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd was founded in 1997 and is based in Hefei, China. The company was founded by Mr Renxian Cao and is now Asia’s largest inverter manufacturer – with over 40% market share in China in 2010

Sungrow has an SG series of inverters for residential and they become popular due to their low price and high reliability.

Sungrow’s SG series solar inverters are lightweight, transformerless with a wide MPPT voltage range and it comes with Wi-Fi communication.

With a design ambient temperature of 45 degrees, no de-rating of the inverter is required.

Sungrow has a pretty solid range of solutions, including single-phase inverters such the SG3KTL-M, SG4KTL-M and SG5KTL-M; or three-phase models such as the SG3KTL-EC, SG5KTL-EC and SG10KTL-EC.

Since 2015, Sungrow is one of the top three manufacturers of solar inverters in the world.

Source: Wood Mackenzie

Sungrow Zero Export Device

On-gird solar power (PV) plant generates excess power when the connected load is lesser than the power generated by the solar power plant (Power generation > Power required).

This excess power is synchronized with grid power hence it can revere the power flow.

In simple words, power will flow from the PV plant owner’s home to the connected grid [when Solar power generation > Power required by connected load].