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Bluetti AC240 | Review

Bueltti launches first IP 65 protection grade 2,400-watt solar generator with LPF battery and RV port, for outdoor adventure and home backup. AC240 is the latest addition to the solar generator from Bueltti, it comes with tons of features, which makes it one of the most robust solar generators in any class. Here are the key features of AC240. 

  • Bluetti AC240 is the first IP65-protection grade solar generator, which is highly resistant to dust ingress, and is protected against water jets from all directions. It's designed to keep out even the smallest particles. 

  • It comes with an inbuilt LPF battery of capacity 1,536 Wh and its backup capacity can be extended up to 10,136 Wh by connecting 4 numbers of B210 batteries (2,150 Wh). Moreover, with a parallel connection, you can get a backup capacity of 20,272 Wh with 4,800 watt power.

  • It comes with a switching time of 15 milliseconds, making it the perfect backup for vulnerable appliances. 

  • It has one 30A RV port, to run your RV appliances With 1,200 watts of solar input, it can produce 5,400 Wh per day (1,62 kWh per month), and that much power is enough for outdoor appliances and Home backup.

  • 6 years of warranty.

  • Output power: 2,400 watts, however with its power lifting mode you can draw up to 3,600W.

  • Inverter type: Pure Sine Wave.

  • In box:  Portable Power Station(AC240)*1, AC Charging Cable*1, Car Charging Cable*1, Solar Charging Cable*1, Product Documentation*1, Grounding Screw*1, Warranty Card

What AC240 solar generator can run?

AC240’s 2,400-watt output capacity can provide seamless power to your house for 10-15 hours with its extended battery capacity. Moreover, by connecting two AC240 solar generators, you can double their extended battery capacity and output power. 

Its 12,00-watt solar capacity can produce 5,400 Wh power per day, which is enough to charge its inbuilt battery + 2 x B210 battery. 

Who should buy this? 

Outdoor Enthusiasts: Campers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers can benefit from the robust design of the AC240 solar generator to power their electronic devices, lights, and small appliances while off the grid.

Emergency Preparedness: People who want to be prepared for power outages or emergencies can use AC240 solar generators as backup power sources for essential devices like lights, communication devices, medical equipment, and refrigeration.

Disaster Relief Organizations: Organizations involved in disaster relief efforts can use AC240 solar generators to provide power for communication, lighting, medical equipment, and other essential needs in areas affected by natural disasters.

Construction Workers: Construction workers operating in remote or off-grid locations can use AC240 solar generators to power tools and equipment, increasing efficiency and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Remote Dwellers: Those living in remote areas where access to the traditional power grid is limited or unreliable can rely on solar generators to supplement or provide their power needs.

Students or Researchers: Students or researchers conducting fieldwork or experiments in remote areas can use an AC240 solar generator to power equipment and devices necessary for their work.

Boat Owners: Boat owners can use an AC240 solar generator to power lights, navigation equipment, and appliances on board, reducing the need for noisy and polluting fuel-powered generators.

RV Owners: Recreational vehicle owners can use the 30A RV port of the AC240 solar generator to power appliances and devices while on the road or during camping trips, reducing the reliance on fuel-powered generators and saving on energy costs.

Small Business Owners: Small businesses operating in locations with unreliable grid power or as part of their sustainability efforts can use Bluetti’s AC240 solar generator to power equipment, lights, and other devices, reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

Who shouldn’t buy this? 

Solo Campers & Hikers: Weighing 33kg/72lbs, AC2740 is cumbersome to transport for individuals. Instead, you must visit our list of top solar generators for camping to find the best lightweight solar generators for camping. 

People with little technical knowledge or interest: While solar generators are generally user-friendly, they still require some basic knowledge of solar energy systems and maintenance. If you're not interested in learning about solar technology or performing occasional maintenance tasks, a solar generator may not be the best choice.

Those looking for a primary power source for large homes: Bluetti’s AC240 Solar generator can serve as a backup power source for essential devices, but it may not be suitable as a primary power source for large homes with high energy consumption due to low solar input capacity and limited battery backup. In such cases, a large-size solar generator or a grid-tied solar power system with battery storage or a conventional generator may be more appropriate.

Those looking for a power source for 25-30A power tools: The maximum AC output of AC240 is 18A, hence it is not suitable for heavy power tools. 



Pricing at $13,99, AC240 is the must-have portable power source for outdoor activities due to its IP65 enclosure and robust design. However, due to its weight of over 33kg/72lbs, it is not suitable for solo campers and hikers. It will be a good alternative for gas generators for power backup during power outages but is not suitable for longer power cuts or for those who have very high power demand.  

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