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12 unusual tools for Solar I&C company

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I&C [installation and commissioning] of Solar Power plants is one the toughest job in industry. Just like any other project, it required tools too. For I&C of solar projects, you'll use mostly basic hand tools you already own, such as a multi-meter, voltage tester, hammer, tape measure, level, and screwdrivers etc. But there some more tools which can help to improve work quality and reduce stress during work.

These are 12 unusual tools for Solar I&C company

1. Portable Label printer.

We all know that marking DC cable during installation, helps to reduce commissioning time. But why limited to marking cables only? If we also start marking each PV panel during installation, it will help us to check which panel is connected to which string. And if we got some trouble during commissioning, we can easily identify which PV panels need to check first.

Dymo Label Manager (Dymo Label Manager 160) is an amazing portable label printer, just type your text, edit with one-touch fast-formatting keys and print for perfect, professional labels every time. With six font sizes, eight text styles and over 200 symbols to choose from, the Dymo Label Manager 160 makes it easy to create high-quality labels for DC cables, AC cables, PV panels, ADCB and DCDB. Plus, it’s compact and lightweight for portability, making it easy to label just about anything, anywhere. To extend the battery life, the unit's auto power-off function turns the label maker off when not in use.

2. Fish Tape

Have you ever struggled with pulling cables in conduits? We all wants a struggle free work but without right tools it’s hard to achieve. The Klein Tools 25-foot (7.5 m) steel fish tape is a great tool for pulling DC or AC wire/cable runs in conduits.

The tape features a flat, plastic slotted tip that resists snagging and easily accepts wire. It also features descending laser-etched markings. Marked at 1-foot (0.3 m) increments, this fish tape helps measure the depth of conduit runs and lets you determine the amount of tape left to pay out.

You will love this product and may want to thanks me.

Here is my pro tip lay down and clamped conduits first (up to 6 to 7 meter) and then use this fish tape to pull DC cables in conduits. This will save your lots of efforts and time.

3. Portable Ladder

Did you ever use portable ladder for solar I&C work? This 12 ft height foldable ladder, can convert into a platform of height 3 ft for the ease of solar panels mounting over high-raised structure. It comes with removable plates to give a flat surface while working over the platform. Convenient to transport from one site to another.

Pro tip: this ladder can carry 150kg of weight but still from the point of safety. Only one person is allowed to stand on platform for work.

4. Digital Spirit level or Angle Finder

Everyone knows, why we use Spirit level. It is use to check whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). But this digital spirit level helps to check the angle of the surface too. And we all knows that solar panels are mounted at an angle. You can set required angel in this digital spirit leveler, which will give you alarm when the angle is reached.

5. First Aid Box with Medicines

Safety comes first, but it doesn’t matter how much you are concerned safety accidents may happen. We all must prepare for the worst-case scenario. Keeping first aid box at site helps you to deal with accidents and injuries at site.

6. Portable table

Do you need a portable office which you can carry from one rooftop to another? Have lunch, check your mails and give yourself some rest on this portable table cum chair.

Portable table can save lots of time and you don’t need to leave site for lunch. It comes with umbrella, so that you and your team can have some shade while working in summer.

7. Sliding tool box

Tools, tools heavy tools and we carry them from one rooftop to another. This heavy duty JCB sliding tool box, can make life little bit easier for Solar installers. Larger wheels make it easier to carry on site.

High volume open chest tools trolley to carry medium sized power tools, gauges, hand tools and equipment, has ball bearing sliders for easy opening and closing.

8. Fold-able heavy-duty trolley

With capacity of carrying 80kg of weight, this trolley is idle for carrying tool boxes, PV panels (3 panels), cement bag (1 bag of 50kg) and other items on site. I don’t think, that I need to explain the versatility of this equipment. We all know how much space is required for the installation of PV plant and having advantage of shifting heavy items from one corner to another of site, could save a lot of time and efforts.

9. Pocket Leather Tool Bag

What can I say about this? Picture itself shows its purpose. With total 11 pockets, Leather hammer holder and Tape holder it become a must have equipment for all solar I&C engineers.

10. Collapsible Containers

Collapsible Beverage Container: keep your team hydrate with this 7.5 ltr. Collapsible beverage container. Easy to carry from one rooftop to another. [buy now]

Some time finding water source for civil work at site is difficult than the whole site itself. Carry this collapsible bucket of 10L capacity and make you work easier. [buy now]

11. Mobile stand

Question: Why do I need mobile stand at site?

Answer: For the video recording of your work, simple. It will help to boost your business and give you a different name in this tough competition. [buy now]

Pro tip: Don’t record if your team is working without safety equipment

12. Wix Site for promotion

Question: What else do you need to boost your business?

Answer: A website

Question: How much it takes to build a Website?

Answer: Less than you can imagine. I made this website without any knowledge of web designing by myself and save lots of money. [click here to check the price I paid to make this website along with domain name]

There are plenty of tutorials available at Youtube which help me to build this website

Pic Credit: Rooftop Power Co


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