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  • Yakub Ansari

12 unusual tools for Solar I&C company

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I&C [installation and commissioning] of Solar Power plants is one the toughest job in industry. Just like any other project, it required tools too. For I&C of solar projects, you'll use mostly basic hand tools you already own, such as a multi-meter, voltage tester, hammer, tape measure, level, and screwdrivers etc. But there some more tools which can help to improve work quality and reduce stress during work.

These are 12 unusual tools for Solar I&C company

1. Portable Label printer.

We all know that marking DC cable during installation, helps to reduce commissioning time. But why limited to marking cables only? If we also start marking each PV panel during installation, it will help us to check which panel is connected to which string. And if we got some trouble during commissioning, we can easily identify which PV panels need to check first.

Dymo Label Manager (Dymo Label Manager 160) is an amazing portable label printer, just type your text, edit with one-touch fast-formatting keys and print for perfect, professional labels every time. With six font sizes, eight text styles and over 200 symbols to choose from, the Dymo Label Manager 160 makes it easy to create high-quality labels for DC cables, AC cables, PV panels, ADCB and DCDB. Plus, it’s compact and lightweight for portability, making it easy to label just about anything, anywhere. To extend the battery life, the unit's auto power-off function turns the label maker off when not in use.

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2. Fish Tape