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  • Yakub Ansari

3 ways to use grid-tied solar during power outage [without replacing PV inverter]

Updated: Jan 16

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A power outage is a nightmare of the modern lifestyle, electricity has many uses in our day to day life.

We use electricity for lighting our rooms, cooling or heating our rooms and for running our domestic appliances like microwave, electric shavers, computer and more. We use lots of electricity-driven appliances to provide comfort to our life.

As our needs for luxuries appliances increases, unit chargers of this precise source of energy called electricity increase too.

Now the harsh truth, the environment is paying much more than us for our need for electricity.

As I read on, and I quote exactly “When the coal of say 2.5 per cent sulfur is used to produce the electricity for one person in an industrialized country for one year, then about 9 tonnes of CO2 and 120 kg of SO2 are produced” read more on their site.

This lust for comfort, the desire for savings and the necessity of saving the environment generates the requirement of solar power plants to reduce our electricity bills and make electricity affordable for us.

This demand for affordable electricity and saving the environment fuel the massive growth of the solar industry. And in just 9 years the total installed capacity of solar power is increased by 14.3%.

Here is the big question,

How much is grid-connected solar power reliable during a power outage?

Grid-connected solar power plants are not much reliable as off-grid solar power plants. but with ZED advance Grid-connected PV plants can work off-grid and become reliable as an off-grid solar power plant.