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Bluetti EP800 | Review

Bluetti EP800 is the highest-rated solar generator as of 2024. Its backup capacity can be extended up to 19,800 Wh. It can power both 120V and 240V appliances. 

  • It comes with two loose LPF batteries of capacity 4,960 Wh each and by stacking 4 expansion batteries (4,960Wh each) on the bottom, you can tailor a capacity of 9.9kWh to 19.8kWh according to your needs.

  • Both 120 and 240V output voltage, hence you don't need to combine two solar generators for 240V. 

  • 9,000 watts of solar input, which can produce 40,500 Wh per day (1,215 kWh per month), and that much of power is enough to power your whole house, plus charging batteries of EP800 for night uses. 

  • It has two MPPT channels, by which you can either connect it to 3kW or 6kW of solar panels. Moreover, you can combine both strings to connect it with 9kW of solar panels. 

  • 10 years of warranty.

  • Output power: 7,600 Watt 

Price: with 9,900 Wh of backup capacity, it will cost you $8,999 moreover the potential federal tax credit for the same will be $6,299.3. 


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14 mars

I already have a Bluetti 300AC w/4 B300 for emergency but also use it for off grid as much as I can.

BUT I also have a 14.4KW solar array on barn roof, grid tied of course. It utilizes micro-inverters so it's 120V straight into my house panel. So my question to anyone who can maybe answer, is there any way I can connect this larger array so as to keep these EP800 battery banks charged?

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