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  • Yakub Ansari

135 Methods and Techniques of Energy Conservation

Energy conservation means saving any form of energy that we use, which reduces the need for energy services and can result in increased environmental quality, financial security and savings on utility bills.

Type of Energy Conservation

There are two types of energy conservation,

  1. the first energy conservation for the domestic sector

  2. and the second is energy conservation for Industries.

Both these two types of energy conservation have common three common ways of energy conservation.

  • Conservation of Electricity.

  • Conservation of Fuel.

  • Conservation of Heat.

  • Conservation of Water.

Conservation of Electricity:

Saving electrical power is one of the most simple but is one of the most efficient ways of energy conservation. All you need to do is following things

1. Being aware of how energy efficient are your home appliances

2. Change the habit of unnecessary usage of electricity.

3. Use home appliances smartly so that you get most work done from them with less power consumption.

Conservation of Fuel:

Saving fuel isn’t an easy task, because as the vehicle is getting old it consumes more fuel. Saving fuel is completely depending upon your habit of using it. All your need to do is learn how to drive efficient so that you can save more on fuel.

Conservation of Heat:

Heat is produced either by burning fuel or by using electricity hence conservation of heat also means conservation of fuel or electricity.