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Can I use a grid-tie inverter off-grid?

Yes, you can use a grid-tie inverter off-grid. All you need a reference power source like a diesel generator and ZED Advance. Gird-ties inverter required reference power source to generate electrical power in synchronization with the reference power source. But using a generator as a power source required a solar inverter control device that protects the generator from the surplus power of the solar power plant by controlling the power generation of the solar power plant as per the load requirement.

Below is the wiring diagram, which shows the connection of the generator with the solar power plant.

From the above diagram, you can see that you will need a set of current transformers, a generator, ZED Advance, transfer switch and local network to use a grid-tie inverter off-grid.

Here are some important points you need to learn before using a grid-tie inverter as off-grid

  1. The size of the generator shall be large enough to take care of the whole load. This will help you to run your load, even when solar power is not available. Also, solar power plant takes some time (approx one minute) to start generating electricity. So in the beginning the whole load will be taken care of by the generator.

  2. You need to isolate generators and solar power plants from the grid. So that when the grid power resume, your generators and solar power won’t get affected.

  3. You can use more than one generator in synchronization with the solar power plant, but you will need a synchronization panel to sync generators with each other.

  4. Only gird-tie inverters can be used with ZED Advance. Whereas off-grid and micro inverters are not compatible with ZED Advance.

Curious About ZED Advance? Click here to learn more

Here are some advantages of using a Grid-tie solar inverter as an off-grid.

  1. You can save up to 62% on your diesel fuel consumption.

  2. You can run your grid-tie solar power even during a power outage.

  3. With ZED Advance you can monitor your generator power generation as well as grid and solar power.

  4. You don't need to carry batteries for going off-grid.

  5. The life span of your diesel generator will increase.

  6. RIO [reture of investment] of installing ZED Advance is 10 to 20 hours of power cuts only.

Refer to the below GIF shows, how ZED advance affects the power generation of the solar power plant.

ZED Advance is compatible with all the major make of grid-tie solar inverters like Huawei, SMA, ABB etc.


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19 de abr. de 2022

many have asked but they are all idiots. CAN YOU HOOK UP A GRID TIE INVERTER TO A CAR BATTERY OR SIMILAR DC SOURCE AND GET AC POWER??????? WILL IT WORK WITHOUT A REFERENCE AC VOLTAGE TO SYC TOO. Simple question. They all start explaining a non-grid tie inverter or adding another power source which defeats the need for any inverter.

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