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How to start a successful Solar Energy Business in India [2020]

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Solar is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and if you are looking for the business opportunity in this industry.

Here are seven proven steps to start solar energy business in India. I use eject these eight steps to start of my own Solar Startup named Pay-Per-Watt.

Starting a solar energy business in India require lots of efforts and determination. Just remember, be flexible. Before jumping on each step let’s learn about current situation of solar industry in India

Solar Industry in India

The initial target of solar power plant capacity in India, by 2022 was 40 GW (or 40,000 MW) which was achieved four years ahead of schedule.

As of 30th of June 2020, the total installed capacity of solar power plant in India is 35,122 MW and the targeted solar capacity by 2022, is 100GW (100,000 MW) which includes 40GW of rooftop solar.

Hence, there is 250,000 crore Rs worth of business available in Indian solar industry and these are governments targets only. The actual Indian solar market could be 6 laakh crore.

Solar industry could be divided into two parts one as Utility scale solar power plant and the other is rooftop solar power plant.

Utility scale solar Industry: There is no official definition of utility scale solar plant. Most of the solar industrialist refers large scale solar power plants which generate enough power to cause a noticeable change in the operation of state electricity boards.

Now take an example

A 10 kW solar power plant in residential area can’t make any significant change in the grid operation but and 500 KW or above size of solar power plant can.

On the other hand in industrial area 1 MW (1000kW) of solar power plant can’t make any noticeable change in the operation of grid operation.

But a 100MW or above size of solar plant in any possible way make noticeable change in the operation of grid operation.

Also Utility scale solar power plant can be ground mounted or rooftop mounted.

Rooftop solar Industry: As the named suggested, rooftop solar industry is related to