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100 plus solar Instagram caption [Highly Engaging]

Updated: Mar 8

Writing a caption for an Instagram post is very crucial. A well-drafted caption can increase the reach of the post. As more as more solar industrialists approach social media to find new clients. It is very essential to post highly engaging posts regularly.

In this blog, I will give you tips on how to write engaging captions plus 100+ captions for your solar Instagram posts.

Here are 5 tips to write an engaging caption

1. Add call to action button: Your caption must have a purpose and an instruction to your followers. Before posting, you must ask yourself what you want your followers to do. Do you want them to DM you or do you want them to check your website?

2. Add value to your readers: Solar industry is full of interesting facts and valuable information. Adding these piece of information in your caption not only add value to your followers but also build a relationship between you and your followers.

3. Use a long-form caption: A long-form caption, increase your followers engaging time and sends lots of signals to the Instagram algorithm. The more time your followers spend on your post the more people will find your post.

According to research by Fohr, the average caption length is 405 characters [65-70 words]

4. Ask a question: Many people scroll down social media to engage with the creator and other followers. And question-based captions are the right recipe for a caption. These types of captions are highly engaging and increase your interaction with your followers.

5. Offer a giveaway: Give away are the best ways to get the contact details of your followers in exchange for freebies. These freebies could be a pdf file of a solar guide, and tips to reduce utility bills.

Here are 100+ captions for solar energy Instagram posts

Short Solar Instagram caption:

  • Harvesting sun since 2010, go solar with the most trusted brand in NewYork

  • Run with the sun | Free power for all

  • We the master of harvesting solar energy

  • Invest in the sun and save the future

  • Power the future with solar energy

  • Be bright, stay ahead

  • Pursuit happiness with solar energy

  • switch to solar energy

  • Rent the Sun for funds

  • We bring good deals on solar

  • Nothing profitable than the sun

  • Sun can run into your life, DM us now.

  • Now or later, go solar with us

  • Live to be happy and go solar for

  • Earth wants you to go solar

  • The fast and free forever, go solar

  • Save the power, switch to solar

  • Power your life with solar

  • Open your new savings accounts on your rooftop.

  • Your rooftop is your bank, go solar and save money

  • Turn your rooftop into your bank

  • Harvesting the sun every day keeps heavy bills away. Go Solar

  • Love from the sun is waiting for you, go solar | DM now

  • Do you wanna know how solar can your life? DM now

  • One Sun | One Earth | Once in a lifetime investment

  • Solar isn't the future, it is now and forever

  • Go solar because Earth needs it.

  • Solar Energy the choice of earth

  • Go solar, it’s free

  • No Solar, No Future

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Long from solar Instagram caption

  • Did you know that? 1000 people lost their homes in forest fires every year, go solar and save our earth.

  • Did you know that? Eleven percent of the world’s population is currently vulnerable to climate change impacts, go solar and save the earth.

  • Did you know that? One hour of sunlight equals one year’s worth of energy for the entire earth.

  • Did you know that? Solar energy is cheaper than fossil fuels as of 2019.

  • Did you know that? To power, the whole earth with solar energy would require 191,000 square miles of solar panels.

  • Did you know that? The most efficient solar panels are made from monocrystalline silicon.

  • Did you know that? The world has installed 68 GW of solar PV power plants in just 2 years(2012 & 2013), almost the same as it installed in the previous 40 years combined.

  • Did you know that? By 2050, International Energy Agency(IEA) says that solar will be the world’s single largest source of electricity, supplying close to 30% of the total. That’s up from 1% currently.

  • Did you know that? Albert Einstein was the first scientist who got the Nobel Prize for his work on the photovoltaic effect.

  • Did you know that? The solar panels used in space gets power 24*7 as it receives sunlight all the time.

  • Did you know that? The space industry was an early adopter of solar technology. In the 1950s, the space industry began to use solar technology to provide power aboard spacecraft. The Vanguard 1- the first artificial earth satellite powered by solar cells -- remains the oldest manmade satellite in orbit - logging more than 6 billion miles.

  • Did you know that? Solar panels produce approximately 10 kilowatts of energy per square foot.

  • Solar PV systems don’t have moving parts and are very low maintenance, with panels lasting up to 40 years.

  • Did you know that? Since 2008, the price of the solar system has dropped by 80%, and it is expected to keep falling.

  • Did you know that? The first solar-powered calculators were invented in 1978.

  • Did you know that? Australia has the highest average solar radiation as compared to any other continent in the world.

  • Did you know that? Sunlight takes approximately eight minutes to reach the Earth.

  • Did you know that? 1 megawatt (MW) of solar energy can power over 200 homes

  • Did you know that? NASA has been using solar energy since the 1950s.

  • Did you know that? Photovoltaic solar panels are made of silicon, which is the second most abundant element on Earth after oxygen.

  • Did you know that? When thinking about electricity demand, Thomas Edison is quoted as saying, “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy.

  • Did you know that? Leonardo da Vinci was the first to predict large scale solar power.

  • Did you know that? Solar panels can last for over 40 years.

  • Did you know that? Solar power does not create any noise while producing energy.

  • Did you know that? Solar panels actually perform more efficiently in cooler temperatures.

  • Did you know that? In 2017, renewable energy jobs, including solar, overtook the number of jobs related to fossil fuels.

  • Did you know that? Sheep are being used for vegetation maintenance on solar farms to reduce operations costs.

  • Did you know that? Walmart is one of the largest commercial adopters of solar power.

  • Did you know solar panels can produce power without direct sunlight? The sun is the most abundant source of energy for solar panels to absorb and convert into power, but it doesn’t need to be direct sunlight. Solar panels can capture different parts of the sun’s light spectrum. So, if the sun’s not directly beaming on the panels – or it happens to be a cloudy day – it doesn’t mean the hues reflected from the sky aren’t being captured and utilized by the solar panel cells to produce power.

Highly Interactive solar Instagram caption

Did you know which city has the biggest proponent of solar energy in the United States?


A: Newyork B: California C: Texas D: Washington DC



NASA is using solar power since?

A: 1950 B: 1940 C: 1930 D: 1955

Answer: 1950


How many years solar panels can last?

A: 25 Years B: 35 Years C: 40 years D: 20 years

Answer: 40 years


How many homes can be powered by a 1 megawatt (MW) of solar power plant?

A: 200 homes B: 100 homes C: 50 homes D: 10 homes

Answer: 200 Homes


The first solar-powered calculators were invented in ____.

A: 1988 B: 1978 C: 1968 D: 1989

Answer: 1978


How much power Solar panels can produce per square foot.

A: 5kW B: 30kW C: 10kW D: 20kW

Answer: 10kW


Did you how much CO2 emissions can reduce by a solar-powered home within 30 years?

A: 100-150 Tons B: 200-400 Tons C: 1000 Tons D: 10 Tons

Answer: 100 TONS



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