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200Ah Vs 100Ah Vs 150Ah

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

200Ah, 100Ah, and 150Ah are some of the most common ratings of a battery around the globe. And these batteries are also available in most of the battery configurations like flooded type, AGM, and Gel type.

To understand the difference between these batteries you need to understand the power stored in them, the backup they provide, and the dimension they have.

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Amount of Power store (200Ah Vs 100Ah Vs 150Ah )

The amount of power stored in a battery is equal to the multiplication of battery voltage with battery ampere-hour. So, for a 12V, 200Ah battery the amount of power stored in it will be equal to 12x200 = 2400 Watt.

Similarly, the amount of power stored in a 12V, 100Ah battery will be equal to 12x100=1200Watt.

And the amount of power stored in a 12V, 150Ah battery will be equal to 12x150=1800Watt.

Hence a 12V, 200Ah battery stores twice the power stored in a 100Ah battery and 1.3 times power more than a 150Ah battery. And if we compare a 150Ah battery with a 100Ah battery we will see that a 150Ah battery stores 1.5 times more power than a 100Ah battery.

But batteries also come in an option of 24V as well as 48V

And if we compare a 24V 100AH with a 12V 200Ah battery we will find that a 24V 100Ah (24x100=2400Watt) battery stores an equal amount of power has in a 12 200Ah battery (2400Watt)

Refer to the following table to compare the amount of power stored in different voltages of 100 Ah battery, 150Ah battery, and 200Ah battery.

Storing an ‘X’ amount of power doesn’t mean that the battery can deliver a power backup of ‘X’ watt for 1 hour. But it depends upon the class of battery to determine how much load a battery can serve for

Backup time (200Ah Vs 100Ah Vs 150Ah)

Due to the complicity of the batteries, the backup time of any size or type of battery isn’t directly proportional to the amount of load they need to serve. This means that for ‘X’ amount of load if any battery gives 1 hour of the backup then for ‘2X’ amount of load, the battery won’t give a backup of 30 minutes. But the backup time will be lesser than 30 minutes.

For more clarity please refer to the following table of comparisons between the backup time of 200Ah, 100Ah, and 150Ah battery [Considering battery voltage is 12 volts and class is C20].

From the above table, you can see that for 418 watts of load 100Ah of the battery can provide 2 hours of backup. And for a load slightly higher than 418 Watt (that is 457 Watt) 150Ah battery can provide a backup time of 3 hours, which is 1.5 times of 2 hours.

But for 388 watts of loads, which is slightly lower than 418 watts, a 200Ah battery can provide a backup of 5 hours which is not 2 times of 2 hours.

Also If you compare the backup time of a 100Ah battery for 418 watts and 203 watts of load you will find that backup isn’t directly proportional to the load.

The Average maximum load of a house varies from 300 watts to 800 watts for underdeveloped countries and the same varies from 900 watts to 1500 watts for developed countries.

Now let’s compare the backup time for all three batteries for a load of 300 watts, 900 watts, and 1500 watts.

Which battery gives a maximum backup of 100Ah, 150Ah , or 200Ah?

200 Ah battery gives the maximum backup time as compared to 100Ah and 150Ah batteries for an identical battery voltage. Whereas a 150Ah battery gives more backup time than a 100Ah battery and 100Ah gives the least backup time.

Weight and Dimension (200Ah Vs 100Ah Vs 150Ah)

The following table shows the difference between the weight and size of 12 volt 200Ah, 100Ah and 150 Ah batteries.


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