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Can a solar inverter?

Solar inverters are completely different from a normal home inverter, these inverters use the unregulated DC power produced from solar panels and converter it either into useful AC power to power home appliances or into useful DC power to charge batteries.

Here, the usage of a solar inverter depends upon its type. And there are three types of solar inverters available which can be used to extract power from the sun through solar panels.

Type of solar inverter

There are three types of solar inverters, that is Grid-tie, off-grid and Hybrid solar inverters. And all these three types of solar inverters have different usage and advantages.

Grid-Tie Solar inverter: Grid-tie inverters convert unregulated DC power generated from solar panels into AC power in synchronization with grid power. Since its output power is in synch with grid power, it doesn't require isolating load from the grid. Hence, it is called grid-tie or on-grid inverters.

The benefit of a grid-tie solar inverter is that it didn't require batteries, hence it is highly economical for places with negligible power cuts. However, places with higher numbers of power cuts or no grid power are not suitable for installing a grid-tie solar inverter.

Furthermore, these solar inverters can use generator power as a reference power source to produce electricity. But, you will be required ZED advance to run a generator with it

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Off-grid solar inverter: Off-grid solar inverter converts unregulated DC power generated from solar panels into useful regulated DC power to charge batteries. Off-grid solar inverters also have DC to AC inverters that convert DC power stored in batteries into useful AC power to power your home appliances.

An off-grid solar inverter can also use grid power or generator power to charge batteries. Some, companies also manufactured portable off-grid solar plants with inbuilt batteries. These portable off-grid solar power plants are called solar generators or power stations.

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Hybrid Solar inverter: Hybrid solar inverter is the hybrid version of both grid-tie solar inverters and off-grid solar inverters. It can use solar power to charge batteries as well as it can generate power in synchronisation with grid power. However, these solar inverters are expensive as well as heavier in weight as compared to off-grid or grid-tie solar inverters.