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On Grid [Grid tie] Solar Power Plant with Generator backup

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

The two main part of On-grid solar power plant is solar panels, on-grid [grid tie] solar inverter. And these PV plants are suitable for areas with low or negotiable power failure.

But, during power outrage grid connected solar power plant are impractical even in the sunniest days of the year. Because on gird solar power plants can't generate electricity without reference power source [grid].

Grid are not the option available to generate to reference power source for gird tie solar power plants. Other options like home inverters, UPS with batteries or generators can also generate reference power for the grid tie solar power plant.

Now, the problems with these other options is that If PV plant generates excess power. Than this excess power will be reverse back to the source of reference power.

Expect grid, non of the other options of reference power source can take this reverse power and survive.

But with right equipment and knowledge anyone can electricity from on-grid solar power plant with grid power

Both home inverters and UPS required batteries and they both are useful as long as batteries are charge. Or you have solar panels size big enough to charge our batteries and run your appliances.

Also you will required a solar charge controller to charge batteries.

Where are generators are more suitable because storing fuels drums are much more easier and cost efficient than installing a large battery bank.

In this blog I will cover all the information required to use gird tie solar power plant in synchronization with generator.

On-grid [grid tie] solar power plant with generator backup.

On-grid solar power plant requires a reference power source for the generation of electrical power in synchronization with the reference power. Gird power or Generators can be used as a reference power source.

Any solar inverter which can be controlled by an export limiter (also known as zero export device or solar export device) are suitable for generator backup. With the available technology, only On-grid type inverter (also known as String Inverter) and hybrid inverters are commutable with an export limiter.