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  • Yakub Ansari

How I get 20-30 free solar leads every month?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

There was a time when it takes lots of time and effort to get a solar lead, but after learning the strategies of content marketing. I start getting 20-30 free solar leads every month, the method isn't simple but if you can master it, you can replicate the same.

As the solar industry start booming years after year, more and more startups are coming in this business to live their solar dream.

The solar dream isn't about becoming a millionaire but to get freedom from your boss. The boss you never like, but you always want his power. You think that you can do lightyears better than him and you start dreaming about solar business. Your sickness for the taste of power and success, make you a hustler. That's why the solar industry becomes a hub of hustlers.

Imagine yourself as a gold seeker. You left your home in the search of gold, and during your journey, you find yourself in a bar full of hustlers with the same motivation. And you know that these hustlers are better than you smarter than you experienced than.

As soon as you start your own business you will find out that generating a solar lead and converting it into paid work is far much difficult than the whole EPC of the project.


My journey of solar dream

During mid of 2015, me and two of my college friends plan to start our own solar company. Both of them left their job, due to their own reasons but I was in a job [I was in a very insecure job and the reason why I am still hanging on the company, is because of my outperform during starting year]

During starting few months of our startup, we develop the brand of our company. We select a name out of few suggestions make our logo, business cards and website. Seeing my name of that business card, fascinate me so much, but on paper, I wasn’t existing in the company because of my job. We were ready to taste the blood of success. But we were completely wrong about, generating leads we thought that asking family and friends for the reference could bring us the project.

We have a website, which we think could bring us leads just because we have it. Showing your company’s website to your possible clients, family and friends could bring you work. For the first year, we didn’t get any lead from our website, basically, it was a complete waste of time and money at that point.

After struggling for a few more months, we got our first project at our own college. It was a small project which is finance by students for their final semester. Our job was to give them (students) in hand training on the plant etc etc etc.

During these struggling times, we met lots of other solar startup companies and all these startups want technical support from us.

Few more months passed away we get a few more projects from big and small solar startup companies. We provide site survey, designing and I&C work to these companies at a very low price, even sometimes we did all these work at the price of I&C only, just because we want to stay in this industry. Still, we were growing every year from a team of 3 to a team of 7 and from a turnover of 8 lakh to 40 lakhs.