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5 Proven ways to generate free solar leads

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Just like any other industry, generating solar leads in current competition is getting harder day by day. But some tactics will help you to generate your own solar leads free of cost as long as you have your own company website and some free time.

In this blog, I will give 5 proven ways to generate free solar leads.

1. Door to Door Marketing for Solar

Door-to-door marketing seems old-fashioned, but it is still working and free, as long as you are doing it yourself.

Door-to-door sales of solar power plants are very popular and effective in my cities worldwide.

However, selling door to door isn’t that much easy for the first-timer, it takes time to overcome all the hesitation and fear of being misunderstood. But once you perfect your sales pitch, you will get a better result.

there are lots of benefits of the door to door marketing,

  1. It increases your brand awareness: as you meet more people face to face more will remember you and your brand.

  2. You can conduct a market survey during your door to door marketing which will further help in your marketing strategies.

  3. You can target solar-friendly houses

  4. You can collect the contact information of the people for the future.

Do you how SUNPOWER generate low cost solar leads? Try and generate leads like big players.

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2. Local SEO

Local SEO means optimizing your website page for a local area. This means that if have a solar company based in XYZ city and someone from a local audience google for the keywords “solar company ” and you didn’t have a google my business page as well as your company website isn’t optimized for local search then you are losing lots of free leads.

For your information 46% of all Google searches are local. And this makes local SEO a necessity for your solar marketing strategies.

People use lots of different variants of keywords to google like

“solar company near me”

"Solar panel company near me"

“Solar company in New Delhi”

“solar energy company nearby me”

“solar installation company nearby me”

The below graph shows the worldwide google trends of the keyword "solar company near me" for a time span of one year

Having a page on google my business, bing place and apple map listing will help the local audience to find your company in their search result.

Here is another thing called Local Citations which helps you to boost your local presence on the internet.

A local citation is any mention of your business’s name, address, and phone number on online directories.

Here is the list of some online directories especially for solar business

You can also list your company on other online local citation sites. To find local citation sites, just go to google and search for “local citation sites for” along with your city. For example, if you living in Kent then search for “Local citation sites for Kent” and you will lot of free as well as paid local citations sites.

Company websites are a must to upload company profiles at local citation sites. And if you did have any company website, go with and make your website on your own it’s simple and cost-effective. I use the same platform to develop this website on my own.

Generate low cost solar leads with

3. Content Writing

Content writing for business is one of the most powerful marketing tactics. And it’s completely free as long as you are doing it by yourself and you own a website.

If you didn’t have a company website, I highly recommended you go with WIX to develop your company website. It is easy and it will save you lots of money by eliminating the need for a website developer.

Click here, to create your company website on Wix and start generating free solar leads

Many people do their research on google before buying solar and writing content helps you to connect with these people.

Writing solar-related content will bring traffic to your company website from google search results as well as social media groups and increase your brand awareness and market value. is the No.1 affiliate marketing platform to generate low cost Solar leads.

I love to write blogs and share them on social media and even I got a nice amount of traffic from the organic google search result.

Even one of my blog posts got more than 4,000 visitors from a bunch of Facebook groups in a span of two days.

Organic google results are referred to the unpaid search result you got from google.

There are lots of benefits to writing solar-related blogs

  1. Validate Expertise: Each blog you wrote is like a resume of your experience and expertise.

  2. Blogging increases your brand awareness by bringing new people to your website.

  3. Value to the business: Even if each of your blogs gets 5 to 10 visits per month from the organic google search result, still from a business point of view it’s a lot.

4. Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are the freebies that you offer your website visitors in exchange for their contact information.

Here are some examples of Lead magnets for solar companies


Out of all the above-mentioned Lead magnets producing an e-book is free of cost and less time consuming as long as you are doing it by yourself.

Here are some creative ideas for your e-book

  1. “Complete guide on how to go solar”

  2. “How to choose the best solar panels and inverter for your home”

  3. “No cost ides to reduce electricity bills”

Free online course

Producing a free online course is time taking but it could be produced free of cost. Online courses are more attractive than e-books.

Free online courses are a great way to make sure your audience is coming back to your website and they may even bring their family and friends to your website for a free course.

Generate low cost solar leads with

Here are some creative ideas for a free online course.

  1. You can make a video out of PPT or a complete guide with images on

    1. “DIY on-grid solar power plant”

    2. “DIY off-grid solar power plant”

  2. DIY home energy audit: You can either make a video out of PPT or a complete guide with images

  3. DIY Home solar survey: You can either make a video out of PPT or a complete guide with images from your solar surveys.

Free printable for T-shirt

Producing free printable for a t-shirt isn’t free as long as you are not good in photoshop just like me. Most of my website visitors are solar industrialists, that is why I make some t-shirt design for them.


The quiz is simple and highly attractive for competitive people. These quizzes are everywhere these days. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook stories.

Here is one stat that will make you confident about using the quiz as a lead magnet on your website

According to LeadQuizzes, the average quiz has a 31.6 per cent lead capture rate. This means that out of every 100 visitors on your website, 31 people will sign up for the form.

You can make a quiz on “Do you wanna go solar” with the answer option of “Yes” and “NO”.

Free energy audit

Free energy audit and energy saving consultancy is another great way to get the contact information of people visiting your website. There are several advantages of free energy audit

  1. The form of a free energy audit will be mostly filled up, by the people having high electricity bills and you can use free energy audit as a sale pitch.

  2. It also encourages people to spread information about your services to their family and friends.

  3. It helps to make a long term relationship with the people.

Free webinar

The webinar is hot these days and most people are comfortable with the webinar. Hence it is easy to make website visitors fill up the form.

You can conduct monthly or weekly webinars on “how to go solar”. You can also invite your old clients to these webinars so that they can share their experiences with your team and these live testimonials will work 100 times better than written testimonials.

Here is an advice for you, make your webinar more educated than sales appealing.

5. Cold Mails

When you send an email to someone you don’t know about. It will be called cold emailing. The process of cold emailing is simple you scarp emails from the internet make an email list and send them an email from a bulk email provider like Mailchimp.

Mailchimp allows you to send a free 10,000 mails per month with a daily limit of 2,000 emails and a contact list of a limit of 2,000.

How to start Cold mail campaigning for solar leads?

Follow the below steps to start your cold mail campaigning.

Step#1: Scarb the email IDS of local restaurants and hotels from Google Maps.

Step#2: Upload the list of email IDS into a bulk email service provider portal.

Step#3: Draft the mail with a subject line like "How to increase the revenue of your restaurant".

Generate low cost solar leads with

Step#4: And explain the benefits of going solar in the mail.

Step#5: Send the mail, two to three times a week. With different subject lines.



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