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How to increase power generation of PV plant having zero export?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

As we already know about Zero Export Device, [if not click here] and its purpose. Having Zero Export means you can’t export the excess power generated by On-Grid solar inverter and the out-put of inverter will be control as per the load requirements via Zero Export Device

Now if we can increase the load in case of PV plant can generate excess power automatically, and reduce the load when the excess power can’t be generated [in auto]. We can increase the total units of power generation [kWh] by our PV plant.

Now we are left with two questions:

Q1: When is the excess power can be generated by PV plant?

Q2: And how we can utilize this excess energy?

Answer 1:

Same can be calculated by using Pyranometer and ZED Advance. ZED Advance can work as Zero Export plus Remote monitoring system [click here to know more]. It can communicate on Analog [via hard wire] as well as Digital Signals [via hard wire as well as LAN Cable]. Communicating Pyranometer and power of the load [via multifunction meter] with ZED Advance will tell you weather PV plant can generate excess power or not.

Answer 2:

Biggest Advantage of ZED Advance is that it is programmable. It can switch on or off loads via four numbers of DO [Digital Output] as per program. These four DO’s can be expended upto 8 number via multiplexer. You can program ZED Advance to generate DO signal in case of excess power can be generated and looses this signal when excess power can’t be generated.

You can use these signals to switch on and off loads like water pumps so that excess power can be utilized.

Following is the pin Diagram of ZED Advance

Same can also be achieving while running PV plant with DG SET. [click here to read more about how to sync DG SET with PV Plant]

Price of ZED Advance also includes subscription of remote monitoring for one year. So don’t need to buy two different devices for Zero Export and Remote Monitoring. It is compatible with most of the makes of solar inverters and also if you are using two different makes of inverters for one PV plant, you don’t need to buy two different devices for the same.

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