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Solar Power Plant with Generator backup

Updated: Dec 8, 2020


1. On-grid [grid tie] solar power plant with generator backup.

2. Off-Gird solar power plant with generator backup.

The fuel for a solar power plant required to generate electricity in sunlight. And generators like diesel generators, petrol generators or biomass generate required their own specific fuel to generate electricity. Also, there are solar generators which are popular in some countries, which are basically portable off-grid power plants with battery backup.

Can Solar power plants have generator backup? And which type of solar inverters support generator backup?

What is the type of solar power plant, is determined by;

  1. type of inverter used in it (micro-inverter, string inverter, off-grid inverter or hybrid inverter),

  2. connected with grid or not (on-grid type or off-grid type),

  3. have battery backup or not

So, what type of solar power plant can have generator back up and which type of solar power plants required generator backup.

Both on-grid type and off-grid type solar power plant can have generator backup, but the requirement of a generator back for both is completely different.

On-grid [grid tie] solar power plant with generator backup.

On-grid solar power plant requires a reference power source for the generation of electrical power in synchronization with the reference power. Gird power or Generators can be used as a reference power source.

Any solar inverter which can be controlled by an export limiter (also known as zero export device or solar export device) are suitable for generator backup. With the available technology, only On-grid type inverter (also known as String Inverter) and hybrid inverters are commutable with an export limiter.

Whereas micro inverters and off-grid type inverters both aren’t compatible with an export limiter.