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Synchronizing Five DG SET with One (2.5MW) PV Plant

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Hello there, this is Mohammed Yakub Ansari, I am the owner of this business and the creator of this site, its very simple to create website on

During begging of 2019, I got a mail form a Saudi Arabia based company named Desert technology. They have an upcoming project of 2.5 MW On-Grid Solar power plants in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. They never disclosed the name of their client and type of factory where this plant will be installed. So, we have no idea about the type of load they have. But they (Client of Desert Technology) are running their whole factory on 5 nos. of 1025 kVA (820kW) DG SET, because there is no Gird Power available there.

Since it is a normal practice in Saudi, because the price of diesel is lower than drinkable water there.

Following details of PV Plant and site were provided by them:

  1. 16x100kW SMA Make on Grid Inverters

  2. plus, 8x50kW ABB Make on Grid Inverters

  3. 2.5MW of Solar panels (name of make was never disclosed)

  4. Location of Plant Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  5. Rating of DG SET 820kW (1025kVA) Cummins Make

  6. Switching ON & OFF for the DG SETs is manual.

Refer below Diagram for your better understating

And they ask us to help them to design the same and tell them, what is the possible way to run this PV Plant (2.5 MW) successfully.

For this type of DG + PV plants there are two possible ways, by which PV Plant can damage DG SET.

a) If, PV Output Power > Load Connected,

Then excess power of PV plant will be feedback to DG SET, this will either trip the main incoming breaker from DG SET to Load or in some case burnout the coil of Alternator of DG SET.