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What does Ah mean by on Car Battery | [33Ah 55Ah 65Ah 60Ah 85Ah]

Updated: May 23

Have you ever wondered what does ‘Ah’ rating of Car batteries mean? Here is something I want you to know about ‘Ah’ mentioned on car batteries. ‘Ah’ doesn’t mean the peak current battery can draw in one hour. But it is completely different from what most of the public think about the ‘Ah’ Rating.

In this blog, I will clear your lots of doubt about the rating of car batteries and all the information I embedded in this blog will make you an expert in front of your family and friend.

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What does Ah stand for on a Car battery?

The full form of ‘Ah’ mentioned on the battery is Ampere-hour and this refers to the capacity of a battery to provide continuous current over a specified period of time (that is 10 hours for class C10 battery and 20 Hours for class C20 battery) to a specific End of discharge Voltage (10.2V to 10.8V) at specific temperature before failing.

Whereas the End of discharge Voltage is the level to which the cell voltage is allowed to fall to before affecting the load.

As the battery starts discharging, the voltage across its terminals starts reducing too but the rate of voltage drop throughout the discharging period is not too high. The voltage battery provides before it fails is called End of discharge Voltage.