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What is mean by a 100Ah battery? [For Beginner]

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

A long ago I was installing a 1kW of off-grid solar power for one of my clients, he already has 2 numbers of 100Ah batteries and he wants to utilize them for the off-gird solar power plant.

Since he is very personal and he asked lots of questions like what is the difference between 12V and 24V 100Ah batteries and what will be the backup time for different loads. First, he thinks that a 100Ah battery can deliver 100A of continuous current for 1 hour but he was so wrong.

In this blog, I will explain to you all the information you need to have for a 100Ah battery.

Before jump into the details of a 100Ah battery, here is an explanation for a 100Ah battery in simple words.

What means by a 100Ah battery?.

100Ah is mean that battery is guaranteed to provide a continuous current of 10A over the discharge period of 10 hours (10A x 10h =100Ah) if the battery is of Class C10 and if it is of Class C20 it will provide a continuous current of 5A over the discharge period of 20 hours (5A x 20h =100Ah).

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