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Zero Export Device with Free Remote Monitoring [PV Plant, Grid and DG]

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Remote monitoring is the essential part of any PV plant, it tells when the plant required

maintenance and how its performance. Buying a PV plant without remote monitoring is like

buying a car without fuel gauge. [Do you have any better line to describe the same?

Leave a comment below.]

Now, how you can get remote monitoring (online monitoring) for your solar power plant, gird power, Diesel Generator and weather sensors at free of cost for the first one year?

To understand the same, let me tell you something about the device called ZED Advance.

As we all know the purpose of remote monitoring (data logger) but monitoring only input and output of solar inverters isn’t enough. You should monitor the trends of power sources too (state grid + DG SET) and the same cant be achieve by data loggers of PV inverters. And there is one device called ZED Advance, which can provide full day (day + night) data of Grid (for both HV & LV) and DG SET in conjugation with solar inverters.

Can your solar data logger provide data of current unbalance, voltage unbalance, and harmonics of grid and DG SET too? If yes write below in comment section with the model number of the data logger.

ZED Advance is an all in one dynamic which provides remote monitoring (online monitoring) for solar power plant, gird power consumption, Diesel Generator and data of weather sensors too.

Refer below pictures of our cloud page

As I said ZED Advance is an all in one device, it not only provides remote monitoring but also

provides Zero Export and DG sync (or DG protection) for PV plant.

Did you know what is Zero Export device? If not, click here to know more.

Did you know how to sync DG Set with PV Plant? If not, click here to know more.

And the price of ZED Advance includes the price of Remote monitoring system plus subscription charges of one year.

Now can you estimate the saving that you can make by using ZED Advance? If not below are

some examples of saving that can be made with ZED Advance.

For 100kW [Data Logger + Subscription charges] = 20,000 to 25,000

For 800kW [Data Logger + Subscription charges] = 45,000 to 65,000

Now here is something special about ZED Advance, If you are using two or more different makes of solar inverter, you don’t need two different device. One device is enough to monitor (and control) both makes of inverters.

Did you want to know more about ZED Advance? Click here and have some patience because the page is huge and it will take some time to open.



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