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17 grid-tie inverters that do not feed into the grid

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

What is PV Grid Tie Inverters?

Solar panels generate direct current (DC) which is not suitable for home as well as industrial purpose.

PV grid-tie inverter converts direct current (DC) generated from PV panels into alternating currents (AC) in synchronization with gird power.

In simple words, PV gird inverter convert DC power into AC power and inject AC power into the Gird.

Grid-tie inverter that does not feed into the grid

On-gird (gird-tie/gird connected) solar power (PV) plant generates excess power when the connected load is lesser than the power generated by the solar power plant (Power generation > Power required).

This excess power is synchronized with grid power hence it can revere the power flow.

In simple words, power will flow from the PV plant owner’s home to the connected grid [when Solar power generation > Power required by connected load].

With ZED Advance gird tie inverters can be programmed to restrict the excess power generation.

ZED Advance is a programmable controller with set points, which can detect reverse power flow (from home to the grid) and control the power generation of the solar power plant.

When ZED Advance detects reveres power [solar power generation > Load demand] it ramps down the power generation of the grid-connected PV plant.

To match, load demand = solar power generation

And when the load increases, the ZED Advance will ramp up the solar power production accordingly.

As long as solar power generation is lower the load demand, ZED Advance won't affect any change is solar power generation. But it keeps monitoring the system.

Setpoints of ZED Advance can be set between 0% to 100%. Where 5% means that the minimum 5% of load will be served by the grid.

If the frequency of load variation is very high, we need to fix the setpoint above 0% the suitable setpoints are 5%, 10% and 15%.

Curious about ZED Advance? We make a whole page on ZED Advance go and checkout and it will help you will be able to select the correct solution for your need.

Grid-tie inverter that does not feed into the grid

Following gird inverters can be programmed with ZED advance to restrict the reverse power feed to the grid.

Circuit Diagram of connecting ZED Advance with gird tie inverter.

ZED Advance required a Current transformer along with 10 core, 1.5 Sqmm Cable at the incomer from the grid for the load the measurement and 3 core 1.5 Sqmm cable for self-power as shown in the above illustration.

And compares this with the adjustable setpoint of the controller.

ZED advance also required LAN cable (cat 6) to communicate with Inverter as well as web portal (for online monitoring).

When the consumption from GRID is above this set point, the solar energy will be increased, when the consumption is below this set point, the solar energy will be reduced.

Key features of ZED Advance

  1. With ZED Advance you can go Solar without Net Metering or Gross Metering.

  2. With ZED Advance you can Syn your Generator with your Gird connected Solar power plant

  3. With ZED Advance you can monitor your PV plant, Generator and Grid.

  4. With ZED Advance you can use your Grid-tie PV plant even in Power cuts.

Key Diagram of ZED Advance

Online Monitoring Portal of ZED Advance


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17 Haz 2023

Where do I buy one? And much is it?


21 Ara 2022

Wish it worked with Enphase individual panel inverters!

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