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[Short] tubular vs tall tubular battery

Updated: May 23

Theoretically, the power store in a tall tubular and a [short] tubular battery of identical rating is the same. But the performance of a tall tubular battery is better than a short tubular battery. Here, the performance of a battery can be improved by improving the design of the battery. And the design can be improved in many ways by improving electrode design, increasing the electrolyte volume and improving the electrolyte solutions.

Hence the difference between short tubular and tall tubular batteries is a difference in the design of the battery that improves the performance of the tall tubular battery.

Besides, the difference in performance there are lots of similarities between them too. Both tall tubular and short tubular batteries are the family members of lead-acid batteries. They both have the same electrolyte solution and have the same electrode design. They both have wet electrolytes and hence can also be called wet lead-acid batteries.

Moreover in this blog, I will tell you the difference between these two batteries and how the performance of tall tubular batteries is improved.

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Tall tubular Vs tubular battery

Tall tubular Vs [short] Tubular battery

Tall tubular batteries carry 30% more electrolytes and have longer electrodes length than a short tubular, hence taller in size too. Due to these enhancements, they have better electrical and thermal properties than [short] tubular batteries. Hence provides more discharge capacity and needs less maintenance.

An increase in the volume of electrolytes improves the performance of the lead-acid batteries by increasing the discharge capacity between 5% and 20% depending on the discharge current.