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  • Yakub Ansari

Flat battery vs Tubular battery

Updated: May 23

There was a time when only Flat plate lead-acid batteries are available for home power backup. However, due to constant changes in industrial development more and more types of advanced batteries are available for home power backup. And this lead to massive diversified types of batteries to choose from.

Here, every battery has two main parts electrolyte and electrode. Where electrolyte is a medium by which electrons flow between electrodes and electrodes are the metallic conductors that store the powers between them.

The difference between the types of batteries depends upon the type of electrodes and electrolytes they have. Some of the common types of electrolytes and electrodes are mentioned below.

Electrolytes could be:

  • Gel type

  • AGM type

  • Flooded type

And Electrodes could be:

  • Flat Plat

  • Tubular

  • Tall Tubular

Each type of battery has a different advantage over the other type of battery and in this blog, we will discuss the following:

  1. Difference between flat and tubular batteries

  2. Comparison between flat and tubular battery.

  3. Which is a battery Flat or tubular battery?

Difference between flat plate battery & tubular battery: