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Gel battery Vs Tubular battery (Safety Vs Great Value)

Updated: May 23

A battery has two important components, that is electrolyte and electrode. Here, the electrolyte is the medium that enables the moment of current between electrodes and it is could be in

  • wet form [also called flooded],

  • gel form,

  • acid socked glass mat or

  • dry form.

Also, electrodes are metallic terminals made of two different compositions. One terminal is called the anode and carries a positive charge. And Another terminal is called the cathode and carries a negative charge. These electrodes could be

  • flat plate

  • tubular or

  • tall tubular type.

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Here, is an interesting fact for you. The name of a battery depends upon the type of electrotype and electrodes it has. So, gel battery has gel form electrolyte and tubular has tubular shaped electrodes. However, a gel battery could have a flat plate, tubular or tall tubular electrodes. Similarly, the electrolyte of a tubular battery could be gel form, wet or dry.

Moreover, there is an unwritten industrial standard that flooded batteries are generally named by the type of electrode they have [for example; Flat plate battery and tubular battery] and gel batteries are named gel batteries irrespective of the type of electrode they have. However, the type of electrodes of the gel battery has been printed somewhere on its sticker.

So, a gel battery could have tubular electrodes and a tubular battery could have gel-type electrolytes. Furthermore, to make a fair difference between gel battery and tubular battery we will list the difference between flooded tubular battery and gel tubular battery.