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  • Yakub Ansari

What does mAH mean on a mobile battery and power bank?

Mobile and power banks have become one of the most essential items in daily life. Where living without power for a while can be accepted but living without connectivity is not accepted by modern peoples.

Still, there are lots of misconceptions about mobile and power bank batteries. Here in this blog, I will cover some of the misconceptions about them.

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What does mAH mean on a mobile battery?

The ‘mAh’ rating marked on a mobile battery and power bank is referring to the battery’s capacity in terms of milliAmpere hour. Here, milliAmpere hour [mAH] is a unit of electricity and the reason why the mobile batteries and power banks are rated in current instead of power is that all mobile batteries, as well as power banks, have the same output voltage [~ 3.7 volts]. And due to identical voltage and chemistry, the discharge rate of mobile batteries is identical too. Hence milliampere-hour becomes the most suitable parameter to represents the amount of electrical charge stored in a mobile battery or a power bank.

The formula for calculating the backup time of the mobile batteries is as follows.

Backup time = (mAh Rating) / (discharge current in mA)

The amount of power store in a mobile battery or any other battery is equal to, battery output vo