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How to wire a Generator to a house with Solar Panels

Updated: Mar 8

To run a generator in parallel with solar panels you will need a controller called ZED Advance, which protects the generator from the surplus power of solar panels.

The following wiring diagram shows how to wire a generator to a house having solar panels.

Wiring Diagram of generator with solar panels

As shown in the above diagram you will need the following, to wire a generator in parallel with the solar power plant.

1. ZED Advance: To protect diesel generators from surplus power of solar.

2. Transfer Switch: To isolate diesel generators from the grid, when grid power is available.

  • Input#1 with CT [current transformer] from Generator

  • Input#2 from Grid

  • Output#A to Input#2 of Combiner Box

3. Set of Current Transformers: For Load Feedback to ZED Advance.

4. 10 Core Cable: For connecting ZED Advance with current transformers.

5. 3 Core Cable: For voltage feedback to ZED Advance.

6. CAT 5 or CAT 6 Cable: To connect ZED Advance with Solar inverters and Local Area Network.

7. LAN Connection: For connecting ZED Advance with the internet [for remote monitoring of generator, grid and solar power plant].

To run a generator in parallel with solar panels first, select a power source from the generator (Input#1) via transfer switch and starts your generator.

CT (at Input#1) will measure the current flows and feedback to ZED Advance.

For the first few minutes, the whole load will be served by Generator. During this time ZED advance analyze the load and start the Grid-tie PV inverter.

After a few minutes your solar power plant will start running again but in synchronization with a generator.

If you want to run solar panels with grid power, just stop your Home Inverter first and transfer the power source from Home Inverter (Input#1) to Home Inverter + grid (Input#2) via a transfer switch.

In absence of Load feedback to ZED Advance, it won’t control the output power of the Gird tie solar inverter.

Hence Gird tie PV inverter will work normally and excess power will be injected back to the gird.

Advantages of running solar power plant with generator

  1. Independent of grid power availability. But can also work with Grid.

  2. Reduces the fuel consumption of the generator, by up to 50%. Generators consume less fuel per hour at low loads.

  3. Increase the life span of the generator. Operating a Generator at a low load (not less than 30%) increases its life span and reduces its maintenance cost.

  4. No requirement for battery backup or solar generators.

  5. Highly profitable for factory load, where having battery backup is not possible due to high inrush current. And generator is the only option available during power cuts.

Which make of on-grid [grid tie] inverters are compatible with ZED Advance?

ZED Advance is compatible with most of the major makes of On-grid solar power plants. Refer to the below list of gird-tied solar inverters compatible with ZED Advance.

Key features of ZED Advance

  1. With ZED Advance you can go Solar without Net Metering or Gross Metering.

  2. With ZED Advance you can Syn your Generator with your Gird connected Solar power plant

  3. With ZED Advance you can monitor your PV plant, Generator, and Grid.

  4. With ZED Advance you can use your Grid-tie PV plant even in Power cuts.

  5. ZED Advance is compatible with 17 plus makes of Solar inverters.


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