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  • Yakub Ansari

How to wire a Generator to a house with Solar Panels

Updated: Jan 18

To run a generator in parallel with solar panels you will need a controller called ZED Advance, which protects the generator from the surplus power of solar panels.

The following wiring diagram shows how to wire a generator to a house having solar panels.

Wiring Diagram of generator with solar panels

As shown in the above diagram you will need the following, to wire a generator in parallel with the solar power plant.

1. ZED Advance: To protect diesel generators from surplus power of solar.

2. Transfer Switch: To isolate diesel generators from the grid, when grid power is available.

  • Input#1 with CT [current transformer] from Generator

  • Input#2 from Grid

  • Output#A to Input#2 of Combiner Box

3. Set of Current Transformers: For Load Feedback to ZED Advance.

4. 10 Core Cable: For connecting ZED Advance with current transformers.

5. 3 Core Cable: For voltage feedback to ZED Advance.

6. CAT 5 or CAT 6 Cable: To connect ZED Advance with Solar inverters and Local Area Network.

7. LAN Connection: For connecting ZED Advance with the internet [for remote monitoring of generator, grid and solar power plant].

To run a generator in parallel with solar panels first, select a power source from the generator (Input#1) via transfer switch and starts your generator.