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Diesel generator and solar synchronization procedure [with diagram]

The difference between synchronization of grid-tied solar power plant with grid and with a diesel generator is that grid need net-metering to estimate the exported solar surplus power whereas diesel generator required ZED Advance to protect the generator from solar surplus power.

In this blog, I will tell you the step by step procedure of synchronising diesel generator and solar.

before jump into the procedure of synchronizing the diesel generator with solar here is the list of the item required.

  1. ZED Advance: To protect diesel generator from surplus power of solar.

  2. Transfer Switch: To isolate diesel generator from the grid, when grid power is available.

  3. Set of Current Transformers: For Load Feedback to ZED Advance.

  4. 10 Core Cable: For connecting ZED Advance with current transformers.

  5. 3 Core Cable: For voltage feedback to ZED Advance.

  6. CAT 5 or CAT 6 Cable: To connect ZED Advance with Solar inverters and Local Area Network.

  7. LAN Connection: For connecting ZED Advance with the internet [for remote monitoring of generator, grid and solar power plant].

Wiring Diagram of Diesel generator and solar synchronization
Wiring Diagram of Diesel generator and solar synchronization

Now here are Six step procedure to synchronize solar with Diesel Generator.

Step#1: Install a (set) of current transformer(s) at the coupling point of the diesel generator and load. For the measurement of power drawn from DG.

Step#2: Connect the output of a current transformer(s) to the DG PV controller [ZED Advance] via a 10 core, 1.5 Sqmm cable.