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How to go off-grid with a grid-tie inverter

Updated: May 7, 2022

Do you own an on-grid-solar power plant or you are planning to have one? And you have lots of questions regarding the operation of a grid-tied solar inverter. One of the questions that lots of people ask is whether can a grid-tie inverter be used off-grid.

In this blog, I will guide you on how you can go off-grid with a grid-tie inverter.

I have been in the solar industry since 2015 and I have learned lots of things about grid-tied inverters that most people don’t know.

But first I am going to answer one of the most creative questions I have ever heard which is “Can a grid-tie inverter be used off-grid?”.

A solar grid tie inverter requires a reference power source to produce electricity from solar panels. In absence of Gird power, generators (or Home inverters) can be used as a reference power source but they need protection from the excess power generated by the solar power plant. Excess power is generated when the load demand is less than the power generation. With ZED Advance you can protect your generator (or Home inverters) from the excess power and use your grid tie inverter off the grid.

I am installing ZED Advance since 2016 and never found any complaints from any of my clients. ZED Advance is compatible with most of the grid-tie inverters available.

The performance of ZED Advance is beyond acceptance I never need to replace any of my devices.

Here is the step by step process of

How to go off-grid with a gird-tie inverter.

Step#1: You will require the following items

  1. ZED Advance [Buy from here on our website]

  2. Transfer Switch [ Two input and One Output]

  3. Current transformer [prefferely mounted in Transfer switch or separate box will be requried]

  4. CAT-6 Network Cable

  5. 3 Core, 1.5 Sqmm Cable

  6. 10 Core, 1.5 Sqmm Cable

Step#2: Connecting ZED Advance with Grid-Tie Inverter and Generator

Refer to the below diagram showing the connection diagram of the Grid-tie solar power plant with a Generator

Are you curious about how to run a grid-tied solar inverter in parallel with the Genetor? Click here to learn more.

Step#3: Operation of ZED Advance

When grid power is not available select a power source from the generator (Input#1) via transfer switch and start your generator.

CT (at Input#1) will measure the current flows and feedback to ZED Advance.

For the first few minutes, the whole load will be served by Generator. During this time ZED advance to analyze the load and start the Grid-tie PV inverter.

After a few minutes your solar power plant will start running again but in synchronization with a generator.

You can go off-gird with these Grid-tie inverters

There are 17 major grid-tied solar inverters that work perfectly with ZED Advance and these inverters are listed below.

If you any other make of grid-tied solar inverter just contact us and we will the best possible solution we have.

Key features of ZED Advance

  1. With ZED Advance you can go Solar without Net Metering or Gross Metering.

  2. With ZED Advance you can Syn your Generator with your Gird connected Solar power plant

  3. With ZED Advance you can monitor your PV plant, Generator and Grid.

  4. With ZED Advance you can use your Grid-tie PV plant even in Power cuts.



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