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Save 40% on generator fuel consumption with Solar

Updated: Jan 3

The cost of running a diesel generator is increasing as the price of fuel rises. But with a Generator PV Hybrid system, generator owners can save up to 40% on their fuel consumption.

Every year, the Indian industry spends 3,000 to 3,800 crore for diesel [at a price of 85 INR per litter] to operate their operations during power outages.

Annually India consumes 9 to 11 billion litres of diesel out of which 4.06% of diesel is consumed by industrial generators.

Indian industrialists can save between 900 and 1500 crores of rupees every year by installing a Generator PV hybrid system.

What is a Generator PV Hybrid system?

A grid-tied solar power plant is meant to produce power from solar panels in synchronisation with grid power. Without gird power, grid-tied solar power plants won’t produce electricity.

Grid-tied solar power plants required a reference power source to produce electricity in synchronisation with the reference power source. Moreover, a generator can also be used as a reference power source to run a grid-tied solar power plant.

But there is a catch in running solar with a generator.

First, you need to protect the generator from the reverse power flow.

Since the grid-tied solar power plants generate power in synchronization with the power source. If the load demand is less than the power generation, reverse power will flow from the solar power plant to the reference power source.

Second, you need to make sure the generator is running at a minimum of 30% load.

If the generated power from a solar power plant, fulfil more than 70% of load demand. This will prompt the generator to run lower than 30% of loading. And the continuous running of a generator at less than 30% of loading affect the performance and increase the maintenance cost.